Memebox – Colorbox #5 Jewel Tones Review

memecwboxA few months back Memebox released a set of 3 color boxes, each based on a different type. Jewel Tones, Pastel Hues, and Electric Brights. Each box contained four items and each featured the same brand. This box, the Jewel Tones, contained items only by the brand Color World.

Memebox is a series of mystery beauty boxes, all sourced from Korea. Korean beauty is some of the best in the world which is part of what makes these little pink boxes so popular; they’re always a higher value then what you’d pay to just important one of the items they contain. For the most part the boxes are themed, however there have been times when the items inside didn’t quite fit the theme they touted. In this particular instance though, Memebox hit the theme pretty well.

memecwcard memecwcard3Most Memeboxes contain an info card detailing the item, its retail value and usage. Since the items are sourced directly from Korea they may not always be in English.

memecwmatteColor World Multi Lovely Finger Mousse – So Hot Pink
If you’ve ever had a NYX soft matte lip cream you’ve had this item – it’s very, VERY creamy, ultra pigmented but it doesn’t smell anything like the NYX counterparts. This also leaves behind a tint that lasts damn near forever; seriously, when I initially swatched this a few days ago that one swatch remained on my hand for a straight WEEK after washing it off. This stuff stains.

Also why is this named “Lovely Finger Mousse?” I am concerned.

memecwshadowColor World Jewel Stick Shadow – Crystal Silver
We got this same item in a different color in a past K-Style box (or was it a Makeup edition?), but it was a jewel toned green and entirely too 80’s for my blue eyes. This however, I love. It glides on semi-sheer and is slightly iridescent and quite buildable. I adore silver and glitter, and yes, I will be using this. Yes, I will channel my inner go-go dancer. I actually prefer these cream eyeshadow sticks to regular powder shadow, something about it appeases my inner lazy person.

memecwpowderColor World Star Powder – Violet
The only thing I don’t particularly like about this is that it doesn’t come with a sifter, so if you’re a person who, like me, opens the lids of things at weird angles, you’re gonna suddenly be covered in enough blue powder to rival a smurf. When blended this is a beautiful, soft lavender color, but unfortunately it makes me look just the right shade of zombie. I imagine you need to be the right type of skin tone to use this effectively. It’s really lovely though, all its flaws aside.

memecwglossColor World Kiss the Beads Lip Gloss – 02 Red Gemstone
My favorite item in the box smells just like strawberries! I love sparkly lips in general, I much prefer a gloss over a matte lip, but this is just one of the most gorgeous glosses I’ve ever owned. The color is more of a raspberry, and it has a golden twinge because its full of very tiny micro-glitters. It’s smooth, not the least bit sticky, and buildable. Ah geez I just love everything about this, and if you ever have the opportunity to pick one up, DO IT. You won’t be disappointed.

memecwswatchFrom top to bottom: Gloss, Lovely Finger Cream (wth?), Shadow Stick, Star Powder

memecwallOverall I was really happy with this particular Colorbox. The colorboxes are smaller boxes anyway; they often only carry a handful of items around a specific theme. This box met that theme wholeheartedly. Each item was definitely jewel toned, and beautifully pigmented. I’ve had limited experience with the Color World brand in general, in fact Memebox introduced me to it, but if they keep producing items like that gorgeous gloss, I’m a fan.

Memeboxes run the gamut from 15-32$ plus shipping. Each box is released with a different theme. The boxes are ultimately mystery boxes with specific exceptions, and it’s worth the risk.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. Affiliate link.


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