Memebox – peripera Heart Glow Stick & CLIOVirgin Kiss Review

Part of the reason I love Memebox so much is I get introduced to brands and items that I may not otherwise have the chance to try. CLIO and peripera are examples of such brands.

memeperi…and they’re CUTE.

Memebox itself is a highly popular and incredibly addictive mystery Korean beauty box, but they’ve recently been expanding their shop to include not only their own cosmetic line, but more well known brands. I could give you a laundry list of all the things I love about Memebox and how I’ll always be a Memefan, but I’ll spare you.

….. this time.

memekissCLIOVirgin Kiss Tinted Lip
Product Description
A pop of one color under daylight, Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip transforms into a glow-in-the-dark electric color under blue LED lights. Its feathery lightweight formula glides onto lips smoothly and steins it with the color radiance and adherence of a matte lipstick. Plus, its vivid color formation is based on safflower components which were used as natural lip steins by Korean geishas back in the days.

How to use
Apply directly to lips for either a full lip or a naturally blended gradation.

It definitely has a satin-esque type sheen once it is applied but it dries slightly matte. The formula is almost reminiscent of a balm and the color payoff is quite vibrant. It has a more rust-orange twinge than red, though it’s a gorgeous color either way. The color changing lips seem to be very popular in Korean culture too.

memestickperipera Heart Glow Stick:International / USA Shop
Product Description
This Heart Glow Stick is a natural volume & radiance adding highlight packaged into an easy-to-carry mini stick. Its gentle, creamy formula, consisting of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, and deep ocean water, apply smoothly onto skin without being flaky or dry and work to add that perfectly dewy and voluminous glow to your complexion.

How to use
Lightly rub the Glow Stick over foundation onto cheekbones, nose, and any other parts of face that you wish to highlight.

This makes me ridiculously happy – I have a very bad habit of collecting highlighters and blushers for no particular reasoning. This is a cream highlighter that is VERY shimmery and golden. The packaging is really, really cute too. I love how it’s a house!

memestick2The stick is definitely solid, and it glides on effortlessly. It blends effortlessly too, though the only slight problem I have is it may be “too” blendable, as it can literally sink into the skin and just disappear.

memeperiswatchThe highlighter is unblended, obviously. The CLIO Virgin Kiss goes on more sheer too.


I am in love with the peripera highlighter! I really love both items overall, and if you’re looking to get into these brands, these are excellent introductory items. I’d definitely give both a try. Memebox current sells the peripera heart glow stick in their shop and I’d highly suggest grabbing it if you’re in the market for a new highlighter – you’ll love it.

Beeju received these complimentary items in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. ❤ peripera!


2 thoughts on “Memebox – peripera Heart Glow Stick & CLIOVirgin Kiss Review

  1. The Glow Stick is one of my fav products! Great post!


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