Favorites of the Year – Box Edition

favbannerOver the next couple of days we’ll be posting a series of “favorites,” everything from Skincare to Makeup, to impulse and enabler fueled purchases. These are our favorite boxes of the entire year.

favkloverKloverbox – 25$ Per Month
Kloverbox is technically still a baby as far as subscription boxes go, and when it debuted earlier this Fall it was head-to-head with several other, more popular and well established Eco/Vegan boxes, such as Petit Vour and Eco-Emi. It proved very quickly that it was meant to dominate that category with a showing of beautifully curated boxes that continue to impress a few months later. They introduced us to the absolutely wonderful Deco Naturals lip balms too.

favgeek1UpBox – 18.95$ Per Month
1UpBox is another newbie in the subscription box world, debuting over the Summer. We love it because it’s easily the cheapest geek and gamer box on the market, and the curation is well done, definitely more retro, where as its competitors are more sci-fi and fandom oriented.

favpetKitNipBox – 19$ Per Month
There’s a couple of reasons why we love KitNipBox; it’s one of the most affordable pet boxes on the market, and it’s one of those boxes that focuses much more on indie brands rather than big market brands. They’re always sourced from the US too! Some of the treats they’ve sent have been big hits in our house. Kitties love KitNipBox!

favpsPopSugar MustHave – 39.99$ Per Month
I admit there are times when I am unnecessarily harsh on PopSugar, there’s not been a single box I’ve been in love with except for the December box, but for the price tag the boxes are always excellent value and you’ll always find something you’ll love in the box itself. Despite how we’re not always 100% in love with the box, we keep going back to it!

favuyUniversal Yums – 25$ Per Month
Universal Yums just debuted their box this month and it became an instant favorite for us – there wasn’t one thing we didn’t just LOVE. You got a lot for a really good price too. We’ll be subscribing to this one for many months to come.

favokashiOkashi Connection – 22$ Per Month
The Japanese Snack Box market has just exploded this year, and one of the options from early Spring was Okashi Connection. These boxes are always going to be hit and miss in terms of curation because there may not be an item you like, Japan tends to like their fish, but in all the Japanese boxes we’ve tried, Okashi Connection had the best overall items we personally enjoyed for the price tag. They cater much more to the sweet side too.

favbirchBirchbox – 10$ Per Month
Birchbox is the granddaddy of subscription boxes, usually when you start getting into subscription boxes, this is one of the ones you gravitate to. While we’ve certainly not loved every box we’ve gotten, you can’t beat the price for the perks. Their points system is what puts them on this list, that and the fact that the brands they send out are generally higher end brands that you can only sample through BB

This should be no surprise. This addiction started back in July when Memebox sent me a review box, and then it snowballed into a full on addiction from which I have never recovered. To date I’ve purchased over 40 Memeboxes with no signs of stopping – because of Memebox I’ve found my favorite moisturizers, toners, and cleansers and I’ll never go back to drugstore. These boxes need to come with a warning label.


So that’s our 8 favorite boxes of 2014! We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have reviewed so many boxes this year, and while not every box was a hit, there’s always enough variety to keep it interesting. Here’s hoping 2015 has more new boxes, new discoveries, new HG items, and new loves! ❤

Did your favorites make the list? Have a favorite you want us to check out? Let us know! 😀


4 thoughts on “Favorites of the Year – Box Edition

  1. whoo, i’m a pretty new reader but i’ve been really enjoying your blog so far! i agree, memeboxes are seriously addictive – although there definitely have been some duds, i’ve been able to find at least 1 product i really liked in each box, and they’re great about introducing me to new brands 🙂


    • Aww yay welcome to BeejuBoxes! 😀 Memebox is really great for that, it’s one of the many things I love about them. As long as they keep surprising me, I’ll always be a Memeaddict.


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