Memebox – I’m Eyeshadow Duos Review

Memebox doesn’t just do boxes anymore.


Memebox Global used to be all about their curated boxes until they started expanding their shop to include items found in said boxes and other random cosmetics. Memebox Korea however, came out with their own line of branded cosmetics and Memeebox Global has slowly been releasing them. Being that I am such an eyeshadow collector I couldn’t wait to get my grubby little paws on these.

There are 5 duos in this set, and unfortunately pigmentation varies. The packages are tiny and are maybe the size of a quarter. What really irritated me about these duos was that I couldn’t get any sort of decent pigmentation without going full hulk on the pan itself, ruining each of them by smashing them. The formula is incredibly reminiscent of a cream shadow while in the pan but it’s definitely a powder when swatched and applied. The page for the shadows states its because the shadows themselves are formulated with a type of oil to keep them in place.

01sunset#01 Sunset US Only (6.50$)/International (5.20$)
The first thing you’ll notice about this duo is that its an incredibly beautiful color combination. The Metallic Pink side is shimmery with fine golden shimmer, while the Golden Orange side is darker with a bronzey sort of effect. As I mentioned above I couldn’t get any sort of decent pigmentation for a simple swatch without smashing the pan. The Metallic Pink is much more sheer and less pigmented than the Golden Orange side.

02wonderland#02 Wonderland US Only (6.50$)/International (5.20$)
Wonderland should in theory, be the perfect neutral. I had the worst trouble with this pan as it just crumbled as I tried to get the perlized beige to cooperate. A frequent theme with these little duos is that many of the shadows have very similar names but with very subtle differences. The different between Wonderland’s Golden Orange and Sunset’s Golden Orange is the color intensity – Wonderland’s version is much more of a true orange while Sunset’s is more of a rose gold with a iridescent sheen.

03fallen#03 Fallen US Only (6.50$)/International (5.20$)
This was another pan I obliterated with my apparently inhuman she-hulk type strength, and even with the damage the little duo sustained I could not get any sort of color payoff on the Warm Ivory side. It was so sheer that it dissolved upon application. The Golden Brown showed up nicely but unfortunately it benefits from being a similar color as my own skin therefore it doesn’t show up well in my swatch. It’s easily the better of the two as far as overall pigmentation goes.

04soul#04 Soul US Only (6.50$)/International (5.20$)
This duo made me immediately question if I was born in the right decade; I’ve grown to love all shades of purple eyeshadow as a sort of pseudo smokey eye base. These colors suggest that they aren’t necessarily flattering to all skintones, especially as the Deep Wine color is a cross between a deep red and a purple, but the shade is very gorgeous. The Wine Brown is more of a golden tone as its more metallic.

05queen#05 Queen US Only (6.50$)/International (5.20$)
Queen is the complimentary duo to Soul, with similar color profiles though different textures and finishes. The wine shade in this one is much more matte leaning while the chocolate brown is a deeper brown color with much more shimmer and shine. The two darkest colors are the two I didn’t have any trouble getting any sort of decent swatch out of, they were well pigmented from opening.

allunboxedOverall these little eyeshadow duos are worth a try, though I’d skip #03 Fallen if you have the opportunity, the pigmentation is just not there compared to its siblings. Duo 04 was my favorite of the bunch, no contest, with 01’s metallic pink coming in a fairly close second. The only thing I greatly disliked about these is the texture in the beginning – they’re unlike any shadows I’ve ever tried, it’s almost like these are cream to powder shadows with an identity crisis that forces you to work for any interaction you’re going to have with them.

Anywho, this set also comes in a few value sets (US Version/Intl Version) and if you get the US version is arrives within 2 days of shipment. It also came with a Lioele BB cream sample, though samples will probably vary. The International versions are currently on sale so that’s why there’s a slight price discrepancy.

Beeju paid for these shadows. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links.


11 thoughts on “Memebox – I’m Eyeshadow Duos Review

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  2. I’m cracking up at your Hulking out on the shadows. Those poor shadows didn’t stand a chance. 😉


  3. They need to stick with what they’re best at – curating themed boxes.


    • Completely agree. I am a total glutton for punishment and ordered the after dark set though, so here’s hoping they do lip products better than they do eyeshadows.


  4. Interesting… I already knew Korean make-up isn’t very pigmented but some of these shadows really are extreme in this case ^^; Do you think you would buy them again? #4 seems very lovely indeed, my kind of style as well 🙂


    • I would definitely buy 04 again and possibly 01, but I’d skip the rest. The pigmentation just wasn’t there and they’re difficult to build regardless. This easily prevented me from getting the new mono set they just released too, though I’d try the shadow sticks.


    • I just ordered the after dark lip set to review it. I may not be an intelligent woman.


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