1UpBox – November 2014 Review

1UpBox is a newer box of geekery in what is essentially a niche market. With these boxes you’re absolutely going to have hit and miss in brilliant fashion because fandoms are so varied.

18.92$ Per Month
Ships Mid-Month via USPS

pixel1UpBox is still technically in its infancy; it doesn’t have the same level of geekery as say, NerdBlock or LootCrate, though to be fair those two are in a subscription box pissing match over who is the better box. One thing is certain though, geek boxes tend to be very pricey for not a lot of product, and so far 1UpBox is definitely one of the cheaper options. 1UpBox is more “Arcadey” while NerdBlock and LootCrate appeal more to the sci-fi crowd. So far 1UpBox has been pretty heavily nintendo themed but I happen to like that. I’m not a Whovian, a fan of the Supernatural or anything Sci-Fi related. Each box is guaranteed to have an exclusive t-shirt too.

To be fair this box arrived about the 14th of November, I am just the worst at keeping up with my reviews in order. My December box was actually just delivered too. The lovelies of Subaholic post their 1UpBox reviews much quicker than I do and are quite thorough, with videos!

1upcardEach box comes with an info card that details the items and a little blurb about the character, and the theme. This months theme was “Pixel Legacy,” also known as MY CHILDHOOOOOD.

1upgoodiesMinecraft Mousepad
For the life of me I don’t know anyone who uses a desktop in their home anymore (I use a laptop myself), but this found its home at my desk at work.

Exclusive Pin
The pins are exclusive to the 1UpBox and each one signifies the theme. It’s a Mario.

Pixel Sunglasses
Because no girl should be without pixel framed glasses. Ever.

1upmarioMario Plush
Each box contains a plush and this one was Mario, who is basically synonymous with Nintedo at this point. I like Mario “okay” but I prefer Luigi.

Luigi’s Stache
Luigi’s Stache. Just yeah, Luigi’s Stache.

Mini Plunger & Mini Plumber Business Card
This had a variety of colors available and it’s a super tiny phone stand. The business card is SO cute on its own, I’d actually like to frame it. I love adorable things. Tiny plumber to the rescue.

1upshirt80’s Pixel Heroes T-Shirt
Each box has an exclusive shirt design and I honestly love this one; it features Samus (Metroid), Mario (Super Mario) and Link (Legend of Zelda) plus a DK cameo on a classic NES console. I never owned a NES, by the time my mom decided to get my a game system the SNES had already debuted. I remember one of the first games I ever played was LoZ: a Link to the Past. I still have that somewhere, too. Anywho I have the same complaint this month as I did last month, the shirt is too small. These run kids/junior sizing. I got a 2XL womens and it barely fits a very thin 16 year old.

1upallOverall I do quite like 1UpBox, despite not being able to wear the shirt. I tried to switch to Men’s sizing but I guess it didn’t take for this month. I do definitely recommend this box if you’re into nostalgia trips as it’s well suited to the specialty genre. It’s a great geek & gamer box, definitely a different offering from NB/LC. Well if you’re interested, 1UpBox is 18.92$ per month and you can sign up by clicking here.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. Viva la 80’s.


9 thoughts on “1UpBox – November 2014 Review

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  2. Love your review and the pictures too! 🙂 Thank you for the mention. Your camera is really clear. 😀


  3. I still have a desktop at home & actually it’s our only computer. Waiting for Windows 10 to be released before purchasing a laptop.


  4. I love this! Mario and mario themed products make me super happy/nostalgic.
    You should collect these awesome T’s and have them made into a blanket since they don’t fit.


    • That’s an excellent idea! That would make an epic blanket too as I’m sure they’re full of nostalgia trips. I got Decembers box yesterday and it’s also themed and slightly-nostalgic, but its not Nintendo. Either way 1UpBox is getting better every month 😀


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