Memebox – My Holiday Glam Review

Memebox Christmas boxes! These were the boxes that almost never were; the masses cried out for Christmas themed boxes way back in November with no indication that Memebox was listening. Following the success of the Thanksgiving boxes (which I have missed out on and am resenting it SO MUCH) these had so much potential and thankfully they delivered.


Memebox is a mystery box full of Korean goodies. Ya’ll know the drill by now. It’s Korean. It’s makeup, it’s skincare, it’s sometimes a mixture. It takes 42 years to cross the ocean if you don’t opt for the express. You take risks with these boxes because the contents aren’t always revealed before shipping and at times they sell these boxes months in advance. This particular set sold out VERY quickly and was shipped immediately. General consensus so far is the holiday boxes are overall excellent.

memecardc3 memecardcSpecial edition holiday cards! πŸ˜€ The memeboxes come with cards that detail the items, their usage and their price. I honestly hoped the box itself would have had some special design like the Thanksgiving ones did, but alas it did not.

mememirrorCool Enough Studio: The Mirror
It’s a lightweight bar mirror that’s reflective on ALL sides and comes in a velvet pouch. It’s a fancy, stylish mirror. I tend to like when Memebox goes outside the box with these types of items.

memeliner1Dearberry Rockcat Girl Waterproof Pencil Liner – Purple
This is much more of a midnight purple with fine glitter, and a sharpener in the base. It’s actually really lovely quality, it goes on smoothly and dries very quickly. It does tend to smudge, but the formula is spot on.

memelinerSwatch. The glitter is a lighter purple, and is quite reflective.

memebbcreamDeoproce White Flower BB Cream – Natural Beige
I’m finding that I really dislike BB creams in general, I hate the feel and the watery consistency. This is very yellow tinted and quite dark. It’s also smaller than a normal cream would be.

memeswatchIt does blend but it also completely changes my ethnicity in the process.

memepolishEclipse Poppy Red & Fresh Green Nail Polish
These polishes are really cute; the top of the lid has a rose design! These colors are obviously very Christmas appropriate too.

memepolishswatchThe formula is nice and they dry to a jelly-like finish. They’re just the tiniest bit streaky but its nothing unmanageable.

memevivitoVivito Painting Jelly Tint – Squeeze Cherry
Vivito is a newer brand that Memebox only just recently started putting in their boxes and so far I like what I’m seeing. I’d never heard of the brand and I normally am not a lip tint fan but this smells of delicious cherries and feels like preserves. It has a hollow teardrop applicator (which all know I am NOT a fan of) but its not the least bit streaky and the color leans far more orange than red.

memevivitoswatchIt’s very cooling too, almost like an aloe effect. It leaves a nice subtle tint behind.

memerosePeripera Wholly Deep Jewel Pot – Burgundy
One thing I love about Memebox is getting to experience brands I may not get to experience otherwise and while I had heard of Peripera (they current make a line based on the movie Frozen that I am dying to try), I’d never tried them before. Memebox just barely started selling Club Clio in their shop too. This is a cream to powder shadow with amazing color payoff and a velvety texture. I absolutely love the color too. It’s perfect for a holiday party.

memejewelshadowOne swipe, no primer. It’s slightly iridescent too, with fine silver glitter.

memeallcThis is the first Memebox in a really long time that I’ve actually genuinely loved. The only item I know I won’t use is the BB cream and that’s mostly personal preference with a mix of “this color doesn’t work for me.” I’m thrilled with the eyeshadow and if the quality of this item is any indication of the overall quality of Peripera, I’m a fan. Now if I can just get my hands on that Frozen set….

General consensus on this box is a mix unfortunately; you either loved it or hated it though most seem to agree that this makeup box is much better than its skincare sister, which is a rare agreement.

Memeboxes run the gamut from 15-32$ plus shipping. Each box is released with a different theme. The boxes are ultimately mystery boxes with specific exceptions, and it’s worth the risk. We keep a list of current boxes and newer shop items on our Memebox page located here. As of 12/14 there are a select few boxes remaining.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. Affiliate link. I swear I have wristbones.


6 thoughts on “Memebox – My Holiday Glam Review

  1. I made myself skip the holiday box duo because I literally have a pile of Memestuff to go through, but I WANT THAT MIRROR! I’m not a fan of BB creams in general either because the vast majority of them make my face feel greasy and suffocated. And with the slightest swipe of my brow the cream comes off and my face is naked again. But the eyeshadow does look promising and I had no idea Peripera had a Frozen line that I feel I must now hunt down as well.


    • I forced myself to skip the Thanksgiving boxes and it was a terrible life decision. The mirror is nice but its honestly not practical. The mirrors themselves curve in at weird angles do you literally have to hold the bar up to your face at a pretty uncomfortable length to be able to see anything. It’s really cute though, and gimmicky. I like gimmicky.

      That’s a big part of the reason why I hate BB creams, they’re so time consuming and easily removed :/ Peripera’s frozen line is pricey but I am on a mission to get ALL OF IT


  2. I loved this box too! How great is the eyeshadow.


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