Orange Glad – July 2014 Review (Plus Save 5$!)

Orange Glad is easily one of my most favorite subscriptions. Whenever people ask me what I’d recommend subscribing to that isn’t beauty related, I always recommend this box. It’s a mid-priced box curated with bakery sweets! It ships very fast too; this shipped yesterday from California and I had it in my hands here in West Virginia today. The longest I’ve ever had to wait on this box was two days, and that was because my post office held it for whatever reason. They very recently started giving out referral codes and using a code grants you 5$ off your new subscription, and you can find said code at the bottom of the post (no pressure though!)

ogjubox2 copy

Orange Glad
21.95$ Per Month
(15$ + 6.95$ Shipping)
Ships second week of month via USPS
Arrives in 1-3 days


Orange Glad recently started going through a revamp of their packaging. Previous boxes were shipped without an inner white box, but with tissue paper. Last month they started shipping the inner white box. This month they changed it up even further and made their inner packaging uber cute!


Isn’t that cute!? The words on the inner lid are also brand new.


ogjubigbag ogjupackagePackaging close ups.

ogjuinfocard ogjuinfocard3Each box comes with an information card that details the items for the month, their ingredients and information about perishables. It also gives a coupon good for items in their shop; use code YUMMY10 to get 10% off your shop order. It’s an excellent way to get your fix of the box items, often at discounted prices.


Three items were in the colored bags, the other two were in clear plastic bags. Typically Orange Glad sends 4-5 items per month depending on the items. There’s also the option to double up on the goodies for a couple dollars more.


Gianna’s Homemade Baked Goods – Freedom Star Sugar Cookies
In the link above, the cookies are at the end of the Summer specials list. There is no individual product page for them. Gianna’s is an all natural bakery from Castroville, CA. I tried the blue one first, and I am unsure if it’s because the cookie was slightly overdone or if it was the natural colorings in the food color, but it had a very off flavor that I didn’t much care for. There was nothing that stood out to distinguish it from any other sugar cookie. The white one however, was the complete opposite. That was an amazing cookie in texture and flavor. It was baked to the right color, was firm yet soft and the frosting was creamy.


Chocolate Maven – Hazelnut Cheesecake Brownie
I personally really dislike hazelnuts so I passed this on to another reviewer who has since said this was the best brownie she has ever had in her life. It smelled absolutely intoxicating! It was chewy, rich and the perfect blend. These retail for 48$ for 12, so you KNOW these are good brownies if they can be peddled for that price. Orange Glad sends out a lot of brownies and so far they have all been wonderful hits. The review very highly recommends this brownie; literally she can’t stop raving about it.


Lily’s Bakery Chocolate Babka
Wooooow this was heavy. I had zero idea what a babka was until literally getting this today, and according to wikipedia it’s a popular bread type dessert in the Jewish community. It’s literally a loaf of bread with chocolate swirled inside. I can’t place the type of chocolate used, as it’s not blindingly sweet but it can be overpowering. The card suggests eating this with coffee as more of a breakfast bread. It was pretty good and they sell different flavors on their website. We’ve gotten offerings from Lily’s Bakery before, last month gave us another Jewish treat.

ogjubuttercookie2 ogjubuttercookie

Orange Glad Ice-Dream Sandwich
These are literally two butter cookies slammed together with their ice mixture. Orange Glad is getting into the bakery side of things by sending out offerings of their own creation. Butter cookies are incredibly rich on their own but two put together with this sugar ice frosting just veers slightly on the side of too much. The ingredient list is very short: Flour, Sugar, Butter, Powdered Sugar, Milk and Eggs. I personally wasn’t crazy about these; I felt they could have really benefited from some vanilla or almond extract. They’re an okay cookie and I certainly didn’t dislike them, but if given the choice I wouldn’t pick them up again just because of the richness.


Seattle’s Favorite Gourmet Cookies and Dessert Co – Orange Cranberry Muffin Top 
The largest item in the box was this HUGE muffin top. It’s a few servings in one package and it’s quite hefty. This is easily one of the best items in this box. It tastes so citrusy and the cranberries give such a pleasant complimentary flavor. The muffin texture is spot on too. I want these in their other flavors! This reminds me a lot of the welsh cake from their May box.

I’ve been subscribing for months and this is the first box that I’ve gotten an item I was truly neutral to – the butter cookie. I absolutely love this box otherwise and highly recommend it. Reviews are chock full of opinions though, so you should check it out for yourself if interested! Feel free to use my referral code, Bethanyog3856 (try caps if it doesn’t take) and you’ll get a 5$ credit for use on your new subscription, making your first box 16.95$.

Beeju purchased this subscription. All opinions are my own. This post contains a referral code but no referral link.



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