Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen @ Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts. Today’s topics: Pasta Salad

I went to the grocery store yesterday and hopped to the deli, because deli’s are great and happened upon a lot of different things. A worker brought out what is essentially my mating call, freshly baked bread. I saw another worker bump into a customer’s cart while holding many packages of potato salad and then dumped said potato salad all over the floor. The best thing that happened though, was this little gem I found inside the deli case itself:

photo 2

Yes I’ll have the PASTA POTPRRI SDAP

I like this grocery store but they need to get into this century. Glam up this sad looking deli case (there are hours old pot pies on the other side) by getting some standing chalkboard labels or something.

The renovations here at work have started and there is dust absolutely everywhere. We’re not getting a second floor, but we are expanding outwards. I met my new co-worker today, he’s an older gentleman. I’m actually pretty glad it’s a man, especially a nice friendly one, because idk, you know how some girls just give you that “mean girl” vibe? The other potential hire was totally doing that. I don’t know his name yet, but so far I’m positive to him.

My Birchbox finally updated, and shipped. I’ve seen a lot of people get their boxes already. I got mine super early last month and I’d say this is about average. I’m getting Birchbox number 26! There’s well over 50 BB’s this month. There’s a few variations I like better but I’m not complaining. I actually like my box compared to some of the others I’ve seen, except for the Supergoop! because I’ve gotten about 40 of those from all my boxes so far. I’m also getting the headphones add on.



Now for your regularly scheduled future programming:

Reviews Coming Soon: Orange Glad
Boxes Coming Soon: Kawaii Box, Okashi Connection, Lip Monthly, Luna For You, Birchbox, Beauty Box 5


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I’m stopping by from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom today. I have to check my blog to see if I received my Birchbox yet.


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