PopSugar Must Have – September 2014 Review

This is slightly past due – partly because it took 42 years to traverse across the US to get to me.

psboxPopSugar Must Have
39.95$ Per Month – Free Shipping!

Ships whenever it feels like it via USPS/FedEx

PopSugar Must Have Box is a box of “anything goes,” curated by the PopSugar gurus. This is one of those boxes that’s touted as the granddaddy of the lifestyle/fashion boxes for its price – a lot of people consider it to be the only non-beauty specific box to be worth its price tag. PopSugar also very recently unveiled new boxes for Bridesmaids and Babies.

Each box comes with an info card, which I have since lost, which details the items, their retail price and what to do with them. The boxes aren’t necessarily themed. I have a bad habit of losing the info cards with my boxes, except Memebox because I am not particularly skilled at reading Korean. This box had a perfectly fine info card but yeah… I guess it vanished into the abyss. psoribeOribe Hair Spray
Sample Society sent out this brand which is apparently crazy expensive as far as haircare goes (I think this little trial size goes for around 20$), but it works like any other hairspray in existence. It does smell pretty nice, if you enjoy paying 20$ for a scented spray.

psalmodUrban Remedy Vegan Almond Brownie
This is a … very smooshy brownie, but I can’t even try it because I’m allergic to almonds. :/ If it’s anything like the other vegan goodies I’ve tried, it’s incredibly rich and dense. It also came with a giftcard to their vegan goodies store.

psghiraGhirardelli Minis – Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Almond
This makes me sad… because it has almonds in it and Ghirardelli is one of my favorite candy brands. The person I passed this onto nearly ate the entire bag in one sitting, which isn’t too unusual for any Ghirardelli fan.

photo 3Nike 20$ Gift Card
This also comes with a code for free 2 day shipping and a nifty little measuring tape. I squealed when I got this because I am in desperate need of new shoes (I’m a wear it till it falls apart kinda gal) but the shoes on Nike’s website hit the 100$ and up range. I go cheap with my footwear. I also have sasquatch feet so my options are limited by default. Thanks genetics.

psearNicole Miller Earbuds
I can never have enough earbuds because I constantly lose them. These are actually kinda cute and have an on/off switch.

pscardsRifle Paper Co Card Set + Letter C Pencil Set
I love these cards, they’re blank on the inside and perfect for so many occasions. I honestly don’t remember the last time I used a pencil…. if the card set was a sketchbook that would make this set 100% more perfect. It also came with a pencil sharpener.

pstiloTilo Scarf
This was the big spoiler item for September – a hand dyed scarf in the color “raisin.” This is absolutely gorgeous, long, and versatile enough that you could use it as a wrap instead of a scarf if you wanted. It’s very lightweight, too.

psall❤ This is my first popsugar box since April, and I loved about 85% of the items. I can’t nom either of the candy items which makes me a sad panda, but the scarf and the earbuds make me happy. The giftcard will probably end up gifted, and the hairspray in a gift package.

Overall though, I dig it. I bought a 3 month subscription so you can expect two more boxes from me. Generally I don’t like expensive subs because of just that, they’re pricey.

Anyway, PopSugar is 39.95$ and you can sign up by clicking here. Use code THIRDLOVE to save 10$ on your first month, or you can save more by getting a lengthier sub. I saved 20$ by choosing the 3-month.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. This post contains a referral link.


4 thoughts on “PopSugar Must Have – September 2014 Review

  1. I thought the brownie was hella gross if that’s any consolation. I threw it in the trash after Matt and I both had a bite and then just sort of stared at each other in confusion. I suppose I’m a brownie purist.


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