Memebox – Pinkaholic Review

I may or may not be a pro-pinkist. Bonus cookies if you know where that’s from. 😉


Memebox (pronounced Mi-Mi-Box) isn’t a subscription box, but a series of themed one-time Korean beauty boxes. They’re highly addictive and sell months in advance of their actual ship date. Memeboxes come in any theme you could possibly imagine, so naturally a “Pinkaholic” is a box of all pink themed items!

memecard2 memecard1Each Memebox comes with an info card that details the name, usage and price. Since the items are sourced directly from Korea they may not always have English instructions. Not that you wouldn’t know a lipstick is a lipstick but there have been items that are questionable on a variety of fronts so these cards are valuable.

memestickStyle Y Glossy Pit Crayon Lipstick – Strawberry
If Barbie were to choose a lipstick/crayon hybrid, this would be it. It’s glossy, hydrating and hyper pigmented. It smells like candy, but it’s entirely too bright. There is no going sheer with this, you’re either overdoing it or you’re really overdoing it.

memebalmAwesome Awesome Glow Glow Balm
This is a wild little moisturizer because it has a texture of an actual balm, like lip balm. It’s incredibly hydrating but it doesn’t absorb quickly so you feel like you constantly have the balm on.

memeshadowStyle Y Color Fit Bling Bling Auto Crayon Shadow – Pink
Loooooooooooooove. This is a super shimmer eyeshadow that’s a very subtle pink. It’s partially iridescent too; it leans gold in the right light. It’s really easy to get glitter/shimmer absolutely everywhere too.

memecreamSecret Key Color Recipe The Pink Cream
This is a anti-wrinkle cream/moisturizer, that contains yellow beads. The beads pop during application. It smells sweet but it’s subtle. It’s also quite soothing.

memehilightShara Shara Aurora Liquid Highlighter
This was one of the spoiler items for this box. It’s a nude leaning pink highlighter with a weird plastic wand applicator. It blends beautifully but it’s full of shimmer. It smells nice too. Seems like that’s a theme, everything smells good and has a bucket of glitter in each item. Woof.

memewaterInsobeau Perfect Deep Clean One-Step Cleaning Water
Yay a one-step item for the lazy masses! This is a all-in-one item that is soothing, a cleanser, makeup remover, and moisturizer. It smells EXACTLY like bubble gum but I found it drying instead of hydrating but it is an excellent makeup remover.

memeswatchFrom top to bottom – Lip Crayon, Eye Shadow Crayon, 2 Swipes of Highlighter, Blended Highlighter.

memeallSo yeah, I dig this box. I love so many things I love and will actively use, and the two things I won’t will find loving homes. I tend to lean toward ultra glittery items anyway so this was perfect for me. If they ever make a Pinkaholic 2, I will buy immediately.

Welp, Memeboxes always go on sale around a month before they actually ship, then depending on method (express or regular), you’ll either get them super fast or ridiculously slow. New Memeboxes are released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so you’re sure to find a theme you’re into. Use code  IY1AC7 to save 5$ on any order.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. Affiliate link enclosed.


23 thoughts on “Memebox – Pinkaholic Review

  1. I now want Tales of Memebox.


  2. I wish my 3 meme boxes would come before I forget I ordered them. I’m totally going to be married before they come. That’s weird.


  3. Oh man, I am super excited for mine to get here tomorrow!


  4. I’m surprised how much I like this box! I didn’t buy it because I was thinking it’d make me a hot pink mess. But the eyeshadow crayon definitely looks Win-worthy. Plus moisturizer with popping beads sounds oddly addicting. And things that smell like bubblegum and candy? Heck yes!


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