Walmart Beauty Box – Old & Young Winter 2014 Unboxing

I’m listing this as an unboxing because the logistics team at Walmart clearly has some significant bugs because I did not pay for either of these boxes yet I got them anyway. This happened to a ton of people, apparently if you cancelled, the cancellation went through but you still got the boxes. Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly box, this being the second one Walmart has produced. There are two versions, a “young” version for the under 35 crowd and an “older” version for the over 35 crowd. So… onward, to the pictures!

walmartoldWalmart Beauty Box
Free! – 5$ To Ship
Ships Quarterly

The boxes have always varied in things like shades and scents but this particular quarterly offering differed in overall products. Some people only got foil samplers in their “older” boxes, while others got multiple of the same item. My “older” box contained Ponds cleansing cloths, Ponds moisturizer, Olay moisturizer and Aveeno moisturizer as the bigger items (what the hell are you trying to say, Walmart?) and numerous foil samples of shampoo and … even more moisturizer. I’m guessing that if you’re over 35 you’re clearly suffering from a severe moisture problem.

walmartyoungThe “younger” box contained shampoo and conditioner, BB cream (I actually like that BB cream ironically enough), lipstick, cleansing cloths and more samplers. The variation in these two boxes were more with the “older” box, it was more luck if you got less foil samples and more actual decently sized samples. The younger version was pretty much universal with the exception of scents and brands. Subaholic has in-depth photos of the “younger” box if you’re interested in the details.

So the Walmart Beauty Boxes ship quarterly and are totally free – just pay a 5$ shipping fee. I assume by the Spring box they’ll have fixed their severe logistics issue where people weren’t being charged and getting boxes for free. This is a very widespread issue too.

Anywho, the Walmart Beauty Box is 5$ a quarter and you can sign up by clicking here.


7 thoughts on “Walmart Beauty Box – Old & Young Winter 2014 Unboxing

  1. I have received two Walmart beauty boxes so far and loved both of them. Pretty sure I’m good on moisturizer for quite some time. However, I was NOT aware that I was receiving the “old” ladies box. LOL! So, are you telling us that if we cancel, Walmart will ship the boxes anyways? Will we still be charged?


    • I think so, I didn’t pay for either of these boxes at all, and I cancelled immediately after getting the Fall boxes. Something went seriously wrong with their logistics and order fulfillment. I can’t guarantee it won’t be fixed by the time the Spring box rolls around but it’s worth a shot? 😛

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  2. “I’m guessing that if you’re over 35 you’re clearly suffering from a severe moisture problem.” — This made me laugh much more than it should’ve! I remember seeing a review about the “older” box where the reviewer complained about getting EVERYTHING “anti-wrinkle” or “anti-aging.” Like, literally everything in the box reminded her of just how old she was…pretty rude if you ask me!

    I kind of really like the “younger” box you received, it’s definitely something I will be checking out. Quick question, have you ever tried a box from Blue Apron? I recently discovered it and am intrigued, and I’d love to read your take on it.

    (Also, this is / was supdarling. Hi!)


    • This box definitely has a bit of a subjective undertone lol, it’s strongly hinting at a lot of different signs. The younger box was better this round 😛

      I’ve heard of Blue Apron, it’s kind of like Plated, but I haven’t actually tried it. I’m really picky with my food so I never gave those types of subs a chance. 😡

      (hi! <3)

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      • Hmm, I just got an idea. Maybe I’ll order the older box during the winters when I need extra moisture, and order the younger box during the rest of the year… My face feels like a crocodile right now!

        I hear ya! I don’t want to fork over so much money and get foods I don’t like. I think it’s definitely a sub I want to try, but later on when I have more money to throw around.

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        • Mine has been peeling and it’s not been pretty. I’ve been using the skinfood peach sake set and I love it and it works but use the wrong moisturizer, yikes.


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