Memebox – Makeup Edition 3 Review

I love Memebox. I’m a total Memewhore, I buy pretty much any box as soon as its released because I have zero self-control. Memebox stole my heart back in the Summer and has had it ever since. Memebox I love you, my wallet loathes me with unbridled firey passion at this point but I love you, and that’s what matters.


Memebox is a themed mystery Korean beauty box that sends out full size and deluxe samples of different k-beauty items. Sometimes the brands are totally new, the items are just weird as hell, or there’s repeat brands/items. Sometimes the boxes aren’t very well curated. Sometimes the boxes look thrown together. Sometimes the boxes are the most perfect boxes in existence. ‘Tis the risk we take. I’ve always been a fan of the makeup boxes. I just barely got into makeup and skincare at the tender age of 28, and that sudden realization of “I like pretty things” has sent me into a spiral of “I MUST HAVE ALL THE THINGS” the likes of which I’ve never seen.

Seriously I used to spend all my money on things like chocolate and video games. Now I spend it on chocolate and makeup (and gloves apparently, how the hell did I get 10 different pairs of gloves?). I guess it’s true that our interests change as we get older. I look back at my past self roughly some 10 years ago and just shake my head in shame. How lame I was. How uncoordinated I was.I remember being a high school freshman and I wore khaki colored pleated slacks and some God awful yellow-as-the-sun shirt with some big ass Nike’s while heading to art class. No wonder I wasn’t a popular kid, I was a walking literal definition of hot mess.

My tastes have definitely gotten better as far as clothing goes. In fact, today I wore an adorable grey peacoat over a lighter gray cowl neck sweater, and my Pop Sugar December scarf. I looked damn cute, except my hair was a wavy mess because I didn’t have time to style it and I had such dark circles under my eyes you’d wonder if I was kin to a raccoon.

When it comes to Memebox, the themed skincare boxes are definitely the most popular and often sell out very quickly. The makeup boxes are usually very hit and miss, with K-Style being way off the mark for most people (myself generously included), while the Makeup Edition boxes are usually more tenderly curated and overall better quality. This particular iteration is no exception. It’s excellent and I love it. It’s exactly what I want in a makeup Memebox.

memecard2 memecard1If you made it this far after that ridiculously lengthy intro, you’re a trooper. Most of the Memeboxes come with info cards though lately they’ve been sending the cards electronically which I am not a fan of. Well, I don’t mind it if it’s a makeup-centric box because obviously you’d know a lipstick is a lipstick but for a skincare box where you have to suddenly become a junior chemist, it’s a bit of a headache. Sometimes I don’t always remember that an exfoliator peels off your skin, and I don’t like to be freaked out by weird products on my face. I get freaked out enough by my regular face on a daily basis.

mememakeup3linerShara Shara Drawing Brush Liner – 9$
These types of eyeliners are one of those things I haven’t quite embraced yet in my newly minted makeup discovery phase. I get a ton of it, as it comes with the territory when you buy or subscribe to any beauty box, but seeing as I am not a particularly dextrous individual and have had multiple eye injuries in the recent past, eyeliners scare me. I do want to embrace the eyeliner though, and the felt tip ones always get rave reviews. Someday, someday I shall embrace you, random felt tip eyeliner.

mememakeup3tintShara Shara Tinted Style Lip Gloss – Shimmering Coral – 11$
The gradient lip thing is a really hot trend in Korea and has been for many many moons, and it’s also a trend I choose not to embrace because the lip tints always smell like paint thinner. I have never had a good smelling lip tint from Memebox. I do love the packaging though, it’s very, very cute. Someday I will embrace you too, cute little lip tint, but today is not that day.

mememakeup3concealerColor World Double Cover Concealer – Light Beige – 14$
For being called “light beige” it sure does lean right on the cusp of oompa loompa and freshly baked bread coloring. When used though, it does blend though it’s a very smidgen too orange for me to use unless I employ some super ultra blending action. It’s a fine concealer in its own right and I will use it. I also like the cinderella-esque coloring of the tube itself. I like concealers. I use them regularly, for that pesky racoon problem.

mememakeup3highlightShara Shara Skin Light Up – Gold Beam – 11$
I love highlighters, because I must shine brighter than Snow White on any given day. This particular highlighter is unlike any I’ve ever had; it has its own blending sponge! I love dual ended, multi-purpose items. It makes my inner lazy person quite happy. This highlighter is very creamy and very golden. It’s a beautiful color and it blends very well. The color reminds me a lot of the peripera heart highlighter, though it’s a twinge more gold.

mememakeup3cushionDr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Cushion SPF5+ PA+++ – 54$
Yay a cushion! There’s both good and bad things that come with the foundation/concealer/cc/bb cream territory. Regardless of intention, you’re going to inadvertently alienate half of your consumer base because the colors sent out will not work for everyone. For myself, however, this color actually works. It works infinitely better for my mother though, who snagged it up immediately (and got it in her hair, somehow). It blends easily and feels more like a watery serum than anything. It’s made with snail mucous, so it supposedly has several different skin benefits. I didn’t have the heart to tell mama that she was slathering snails all over her face so in the off chance she’s reading this, sorry mama. On the plus side, this compact made her skin look amazing, she looked many years younger almost instantly.

mememakeup3allThis review was more long winded than I intended, whoops. Overall I felt this box was wonderfully curated. If I was going to a store to buy myself a full face makeup set, this is probably what I’d buy, with the lip tint being traded for a lip gloss and the eyeliner for a eyeshadow stick. The makeup boxes are historically unpopular with Memebox when compared to its skincare heavy brethren but I personally love the Makeup Edition series and would buy more if they’d release more. I find this box to be very well rounded in terms of items and their usefulness. Well, I love Makeup Edition 3 far more than Makeup Edition 2, anyhow. I don’t even remember if I bought Makeup Edition 1. The addiction is real. Hell I didn’t remember buying K-Beauty Wrap Up #2 until it showed up today. #help

So yeah, I dig this box. I also ordered the peripera Frozen Elsa compact finally so, yeah, no snails for me. I’m slowly but surely collecting the entire makeup part of that set. The snail compact did make me realize that I actually sorta like cushion applicators. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for pretty things emblazoned with Frozen characters (totally this).

If you’re interested in Memebox, they run the gamut from 15$ to 30$+ and ship directly from Korea so sometimes they take forever to arrive. We keep a list of current boxes, coupons, and shop updates here. They’ve not been releasing boxes all that often so they can concentrate on their shop, which makes me a sad racoon kin.



2 thoughts on “Memebox – Makeup Edition 3 Review

  1. Oh wow! I’m so jealous. Everything in this box looks really good


  2. A trick for using the felt eyeliners is to dot them on. I tried this with one yesterday on my lower lashes & found it looked pretty decent. I’m not a big eyeliner user at all but the Korean ones are definitely easier to apply. And if you fal in love with the cushion you can get it at KoreaDepart 🙂


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