Etude House – Free Shipping Event + 50% off Face Masks + Freebie!

etude2I know I normally don’t post about non-beauty box stuff, but being as I am a huge fan of K-beauty, especially the Etude House brand, I couldn’t resist sharing this little gem of a deal because it happens kinda rarely. The last time they did a free shipping deal was back in November (which a little warning there, some people are still waiting on their November shipments, mostly due to customs backlog from the holiday). Shipping with Etude House is notoriously high – nearly double the item price and it only increases with each item you add. I once ordered a highlighter and a lip gloss and it cost me 26$ – the original price of those items was 10$. If you’re a fan of Etude House or just curious about them, this is a deal you want to take advantage of as their regular item prices are quite low/reasonable compared to what you’ll find at other Korean retailers. Plus ordering from them ensures the items are authentic. Ebay and Amazon are pretty bad for having sellers who have fake items, though there are reputable ones. I personally try to order from the brand whenever I can that way I know for sure it’s legit.

etude3Your total shipment has to be under 1.6kg, my own was right at 1.5 (list of what I ordered below), so it’s helpful to make multiple orders if you’re going to be going to be taking serious advantage of this deal. The sheet masks are now 0.48 cents each, come in a variety of scents, and can be found here. I personally haven’t used their masks though people in several K-Beauty groups I’m in seem to be going wild over them – I don’t know if its the price where it’s literally the cheapest sheet mask on the market right this second, or the product itself. There’s nothing from Etude House I personally haven’t loved.

etudefreebieYou can also get a cute little hairclip with your order, no minimum purchase. The freebie has to be in your cart in order to get it. Etude House isn’t good for sending out free sample packets but they are really good with their freebies. I’ve gotten a tote bag from them in the past during their global shop opening.

etudehaulMy own personal order consisted of products I’ve been dying to try, like the silk scarf series, which is supposed to help with dry hair, frizz, fly aways and shine. I love hair products in general and I’ve been reading reviews on the serum/mist, which you can read here  (Thanks Angie!),  so I picked up the essence too. I got the Milk Talk in the Memebox Cacao box which I then sent to D Lys for her Holiday gift, but I’ve been wanting to try another scent. This comes in 5 different scents but Etude House only stocks three, including the chocolate one. The sugar tint balm is a newly released item, having just come out this past December. I didn’t order it this round, but I love the Secret Beam highlighter, it’s definitely in my top 3 highlighters. If you’ve been interested in their Dear My Lips series or their Etionette Lips series, don’t wait – you won’t get them this cheap anywhere else.

I checked out using paypal with no issues at all, though I have had issues in the past where I would get an error that the merchant wasn’t properly set up. This particular order went through with no issues and I can’t wait to get my goodies! If I had bought these items on a regular day, my order would have been well over 100$, if not 150$.

Anywho, this deal ends in 2 days on 1/8/15, so don’t wait if you’re interested. The next free shipping deal probably won’t happen until Summer.

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4 thoughts on “Etude House – Free Shipping Event + 50% off Face Masks + Freebie!

  1. I also had a field day with this sale! I find the mask sheets are really good for the price and some are real stand outs like the Vita complex one.


  2. thanks for the heads up! i love etude house, their products are adorable and so cheap. of course, the quality is hit or miss at times but when they’re good, they’re very good — their eye primer works just as well for me as UD’s primer potion and at a fraction of the price! i also love their wonder pore products, good choice ;D


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