Birchbox – December 2014 Review

Birchbox is the literal granddaddy of Subscription Boxes. They arguably have the largest subscriber base, the best connections, and the best perks. I’ve been a Birchbox subscriber since very early Spring 2014 and while every box didn’t wow me (most actually made me throw them in an act of pure angst), Birchbox has helped me find some of my favorite items.


10$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Early in Month via Newgistics

bbopenThe theme for December is “Decked Out,” which is honestly a fancy way of saying they sent out a collectable box. I reuse the boxes pretty often so getting a sturdy blue one is nice. The star of Birchbox is their points program and their special edition boxes. For each box you get 5$ back in Birchbox points which you can use to redeem in their shop for full size items. They carry a lot of stuff too, like high end makeup, home items, accessories, etc. I redeemed my points for their limited edition boxes.

bbcardEach Birchbox comes with an info card which is infinitely better looking than I have it in this photo. Something I love about Birchbox is that the boxes have over 50 different possible combinations, yet they always include an info card. See that other boxes that claim its “too hard” to produce the cards? Psh. EXCUSES. Anywho, because there are so many different box combinations, yours will probably vary wildly from mine.

bbacureAcure Organics Sensitive Facial Cleanser
I’ve gotten way into cleansers lately, I have zero idea why, but it seems like I am always buying a cleanser in some form. Honestly if this was six months ago I’d be loathing this and sending it to the abyss of “this product will never see the light of day,” but its going into my cleanser rotation. The bottle says it’s fragrance free but it has an odor emanating from the tube that I can’t quite pinpoint…. it’s maybe chemically? Acure Organics is a brand that Birchbox sends out often and I didn’t much care for them at first I admit, but they have grown on me. I don’t much care for their moisturizers and/or creams, though.

bbperfumeEnglish Laundry Signature Perfume
Perfume samples are synonymous with all beauty boxes; you’d be hard pressed to find a beauty box that didn’t send out a perfume sample at some point. This is a very girly scent, with a lot of floral notes. It almost smells like a musky grapefruit. I actually like it to an extent, though with the full size being 70$ I wouldn’t buy it.

bbbcreamDr. Jart+ Beauty Balm
Someone at Birchbox HQ got the hint that I’m into Korean brands, because this is one of the many, many times in the year I’ve had BB that I’ve gotten Dr. Jart. Anywho, this brand is VERY expensive for Korean cosmetics. Unfortunately the sample is 1-3 uses because it’s tiny. It’s also entirely too dark for me as a BB cream. I will say that it does blend infinitely better than most other BB creams I’ve sampled, and it doesn’t have a scent. If it was maybe two shades lighter I’d use it. I’m trying to embrace the BB creams, I honestly dislike them in general because they often feel like watered down liquid foundation and they’re pretty bad to cake.

bbtoniToni&Guy Heat Protection Spray
Okay I love getting hair products in sub boxes, no idea why. Hair products are like my favorite thing next to makeup. I haven’t tried this because I have about 4 other heat protection sprays in rotation. This does not smell good though, which is unfortunate. It has a stronnnnnng chemical scent.

bbbenefitBenefit They’re Real! Mascara Sample
Thanks to sample boxes, I’ll never have to buy Benefit products. They’re quite generous with their samples. I haven’t tried this mascara yet personally as I have about 15 other mascaras to go through (totally the theme of this post: Beeju’s Product Backlog), but it gets excellent reviews and the Benefit brand is overall excellent.

bballSo despite this post reading like a gross display of my overabundance of products I actually really liked this Birchbox. In fact, this one would rank right up there in my top 5 favorite Birchboxes ever. I’ll use everything except the BB cream which I’m not too mad about because the sample is so tiny anyway. This box also came with a 10$ gift certificate/card/coupon hybrid thing to use at the Gap. The only caveat being that you have to go in store to use it, which I live no where near, but it’s still a very nice inclusion. Good job, BB.

The lovely ladies at Subaholic got a much different Birchbox than I did (I’m really interested in that body wash even though I’m not into Rosemary scents – that container has me really intrigued).

If you’re interested in Birchbox, they have an amazing points program so it’s like you’re paying 5$ per month for your box. Click here to subscribe.



7 thoughts on “Birchbox – December 2014 Review

  1. The box was so cute for December! I love when they do fancy boxes. I am really hoping to get that mascara in a BB soon!


  2. I got a Birchbox gift subscription over the holidays and although my first was was a “generic” box not personalized to me, I really loved it! I already got my January box and I’m excited to see if we got any similar items. 🙂


  3. LOVE your new layout by the way! 😀 It’s like, a trip back to the past filled with pixely goodness.


  4. You really did get a much different Birchbox! I’m glad the beauties at Birchbox didn’t give me a Benefit mascara. It would’ve been our 3rd one. We received 2 from Glossybox.


    • Yeah I’ve gotten that same mascara about 4 times now. I’ve gifted all the other ones I had, so I guess I’m not too irritated that I got another but I wouldn’t have minded a different item either lol


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