LORAC Giveaway Winner! & Future Giveaway Announcements

I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you for entering. I had entrants from 36 different countries and I couldn’t be more surprised! I never expected the giveaway to take off like it did but I’m very thankful for all of your love, enthusiasm and support – it really means a lot to meet so many wonderful people and find quite a few new blogs in the process. I’ve read each of your comments and it’s clear that the UD palettes are very universally popular among all countries, but matte shadows clearly won out over shimmers. Neutrals dominated across the board. I asked that question because I’m in the market for a new palette myself so looked like I’ll be picking up a UD Naked in the near future (maybe 2 hinthint) 😉

The winner was randomly selected through Rafflecopter’s Random.org feature, and the winning entry was submitted Sunday via tweet. The winner has been contacted and as of this morning I’ll be mailing her palette – Congratulations to Stephanie O! The winner was located in the US.

We currently have a giveaway going for some Old Factory Candles, which you can enter here (US only). Near Valentine’s Day I’ll be giving away a very special Memebox (also US only), and in Spring I’ll be having another international giveaway for yet another high end palette, so stick around!

Thanks so much to all of you for entering and I hope to see you for the next one! ❤

– Beeju


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