1UpBox – December 2014 Review

1UpBox is a newer box in the Geek&Gamer genre of subscription boxes which has just exploded in 2014. To date 1UpBox is also the most affordable when compared to its larger, more well known siblings.


18.95 Per Month
Ships Mid-Month via USPS


1UpBox, like its brethren, is a themed Geek&Gamer box. They definitely lean more retro and in my opinion, are infinitely better curated than their siblings. Each box contains a t-shirt too, which if you’ve read my other reviews, run ridiculously tiny. I give up on the shirts actually fitting me, and just gift them. Ah well. My buddy over at Subaholic gets her reviews of these boxes up much more quicker than I do, give her some love. ❤

1upcardThe boxes come with an info card that details the items. December’s box was themed around the Hobbit movies, which I must say I haven’t seen. I do classic literature a disservice quite often it seems – I didn’t much care for LoTR either. I know, I knooooow I am a terrible person.

1upneckThe 1UpBox Ring
Obviously it’s a replica but it’s a well made replica with a nice chain. The ring is engraved too –

1upcloseNifty. It’s easily my favorite item in the box – who doesn’t want a mystical ring?

1uplegoFunko POP – Legolas
This was the big surprise of the box this month, it’s the first time that 1UpBox has sent out a highly collectable POP! I could see myself getting into POPs unfortunately (like I need another expensive addiction dear god), and 1UpBox sent out one of two POPs, Legolas or Azog. Subaholic has the in-depth photos of Legolas out of the box on her blog, I’m not that brave to open it. I have a POP Miles “Tails” Prower I bought many years ago and I opened it and threw the box away. I am not an intelligent woman. He’s about 50$ now, boxed. Ugh. Moral of the story, don’t open the POPs unless you wanna keep them. They get discontinued and the value explodes. I paid 5$ for Tails. :/

1upshirtThe Great Mythical Snow Fight Tee
I can’t say I’m a fan of this particular design though it is cute and quite Winter appropriate. My only beef with these shirts is they run kids/junior sizes, so keep that in mind when subscribing.

1upcandyyPixi Stix, Button, Decal
Pixi Stix! Who doesn’t love pure sugar? The button is collectable and signifies that you got the December box. The decal is of the Ice King from Adventure Time, another theme that 1UpBox tends to lean toward.


1UpBox is a smaller box when compared to LootCrate and NerdBlock, but they’re much more affordable, and infinitely better curated. While I liked the box overall I find that I’m just not using the items other than randomly displaying them. I’ve cancelled my own subscription, however if you’re in the market for a Geek & Gamer box, this is an excellent starter box. 1UpBox just keeps getting better and I personally highly recommend it.

If interested, 1UpBox is 18.95$ per month, making it the cheapest Geek&Gamer box on the market, and you can sign up for the January box by clicking here.



7 thoughts on “1UpBox – December 2014 Review

  1. screams really loud. LOTR! omg i love love love this! 8D too bad i am a selective geek, i don’t like many of the 1upbox themes but this one i am so sad i missed! ;O; great review as usual ^^ happy new year dear!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh I missed you! D:

      I am also a selective geek, and most of the themes of bigger boxes like LootCrate and NerdBlock don’t appeal to me because I’m not into superheroes or sci-fi stuff. :< This box was really surprising, if I was into LOTR I'd definitely be a fan of this box lol. That's the risk we take with the boxes though, not all of them are gonna be tailored to us. 😛

      I quite partial to the new theme too, though it's taken some work to get my co-blogger on board with it lol Happy New Year to you too! ❤


      • i know! i’ve been gone for a while ^^; happy to talk to you again ❤

        yes same here ^^; i'm more of a fantasy person myself. i absolutely love the hobbit and the lotr series though. tolkien is my vibe ❤ but then again i study english so it isn't that surprising i would be a fan of his work i guess 😛 you're right, services try to have their boxes appeal to as many people as possible and i think most of them do a good job at it 🙂 i am just so incredibly picky ^^;

        she's not that into the geeky theme then? 😉 it's fresh though *O*


        • I’m much more retro when it comes to these boxes, I like gaming and arcade type stuff rather than sci-fi nerdy. I’m really picky myself, it’s part of the reason these boxes don’t seem to appeal to me anymore lol. I’m not a reader in general so I’ve never read anything by Tolkien unfortunately… or by any major authors despite what we were forced to read in school lol. Literature and I don’t hang. Art is more my jam.

          She’s not really into the pixelated theme I had going with the logos, but I think it’s growing on her. It’s a pretty difficult transition going form that all red theme to a more designer friendly one but we’ll make it work 😀


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