Lip Monthly – December 2014 Review

Lip Monthly, in theory should be an excellent beauty box, but after nearly a year of existence and numerous issues with both product and customer service shows itself as a mediocre sub not worth the money you may potentially throw at it. I finally just cut the cord. This was the month to end all months. This was the month that finally made me say “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY MAILBOX.” Ugh.

lmbagLip Monthly
10$ Per Month
Ships Mid-Month via USPS

I’ve been with Lip Monthly since Spring 2014. I’ve supported them. We weren’t quite buds but I believed in them. I’ve always felt like perhaps Lip Monthly thought the subscription box world was the equivalent of a typical High School level hierarchy. Newer boxes are usually on the bottom, the “Undesirables” if you will, and have to work their way up to sit at the cool kids table. Lip Monthly would be that teenager, clad in terrible makeup and a low cut crop top, who purposefully sits at the cool kids table and has one octave: OBNOXIOUS.

Seriously, I am so done with this sub. Ugh.

Starting with the bag, I actually somewhat like the design. I tend to lean toward cityscape type designs in general, but this bag smells exactly like every other bag LM has ever sent out: like a PVC pipe fresh off the manufacturing line.

lmcardThe boxes now come with actually decent sized info cards. The backside is some spiel about how happy they are its the holidays and how they hope you love the bag. NO. This months bag also only contains four items, and no “Monthly Mix Up.” This is going to be a common theme the next few months as they focus on “higher quality items.” HAH. HAH. HAH.

Also, the front of the card says, “Time to snuggle under reindeer decorations!” I’m not sure the underside of a reindeer decoration is what I’d want to be looking at when I’m snuggling, but whatever floats your boat LM.

lmmilaniMilani – Brilliant Shine Gloss – 4.99$
I don’t believe for a second that this cost 4.99. Firstly, CVS just barely had their annual cosmetics super sale and this very gloss was part of that sale (not that I’m suggesting they could pick up enough of these to fulfill hundreds of orders but you get the idea). Secondly, this has zero color payoff despite being a pretty rose colored pink in the tube. Finally, it’s sticky as hell. Seriously, this feels like pure syrup, and not the good kind of real maple syrup but the thin runny kind found only in voluptuous womanly shaped bottles. Overall I don’t like the Milani brand. Despite it trying to look luxe with its packaging, I just can’t get over that it’s a cheap drugstore product that’s mediocre at best. There are infinitely better glosses at this price range too, such as the Jessie’s Girl frosted lip glosses, which I actually recommend (and LM actually sent me a few months ago ironically enough. The one decent item I actually use from them so thanks, I guess).

lmlinerLA Girl Lipliner – 5$
This lip liner is my favorite item in the entire bag. It’s a “wine” color but it leans more brown than purple, but this liner is long lasting and very pigmented. It’s actually quite creamy in texture which surprised me, as most drugstore lip liners tend to lean far more stiff.

lmnyxNYC Lipstick – .99-2.99$
Okay I’m confused; why would you list the price this way for one item? We’re all aware this is an item that can often be found at the dollar tree, but why list it at 2.99? Arg. Either way I plan on gifting this item so I haven’t opened it. The color in the tube itself is gorgeous but we all know that the bullets can be quite deceiving. Another reason why I haven’t opened it is that NYC lipsticks are notorious for having caps that don’t quite fit, and I’d rather dodge the inevitable spillage and/or disintegration of this product until it can go to its rightful owner.

lmmagMagnolia Makeup Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick – 15$ (LOLNO)
This item caused quite the controversy in the Facebook group I’m in. It came into question whether or not the item was actually authentic because the packaging isn’t used by Magnolia currently – they now use square containers rather than round ones. Many people had labels that were askew or faded on the edges. Then there was my case… where I accidentally dropped it on me and it literally 1990’s TLC’d out of the tube. (Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls, get it? I’m sorry.)

ewnoThis is an item that will never dry. It’s far too runny and watery to ever come to a matte finish. The formula was so oily that it completely saturated the cup, and my hands in the process. I’m hoping that this situation is a unique case and not universal among all items sent out by this brand, and I certainly hope this formulation isn’t intentional. Regardless, I’ll never buy anything from this brand based on this experience alone (well, and the website design but that’s a pet peeve for another day).

I know that this is an indie brand, but even as an indie brand, you’re putting your name out there when you partner with a subscription box. It sounds like LM went full wholesale on Magnolia’s products, and made their brand look awful in the process. This makes me question LM too; as they’ve stated repeatedly in the past that they don’t send out old or discontinued products any longer. Someone is at fault here – is it Magnolia for selling a product that is clearly defective, or is it LM who willingly sent out the item? I’m not insinuating that they have the time or attention to test every single tube of lip product they get in their warehouse, but I can’t be the only one out of potentially hundreds to have a defective product.

Unless this formulation is intentional, in which case I’d suggest Magnolia add a warning label to never tip the tube.

lmallThis was the bag that did it for me – if you’ve been with me for any length of time you know that I’d always find some way to rationalize keeping Lip Monthly, whether it be an item I actually liked or good old fashioned faith, but they’ve proved time and time again that my faith in them is wasted. For the right person I’m sure this is a perfectly fine subscription on its own but for me, it just constantly falls short, so my 10$ will go to another sub. Lip Monthly always sends out easily sourced drugstore items too (Magnolia being the lone exception for the last several months), so food for thought. I honestly feel like I could go to CVS and buy these items for much cheaper than 10$, or in some cases, the Dollar Tree (Milani has been showing up there quite often recently, along with pricier brands like Physician’s Formula).

Anywho, am I being unnecessarily harsh on LM for this bag? Maybe. They have made tiny improvements in things like packaging and distribution but still lack severely in things like customer service and retention, and their social media pages are jokes as they’re not only heavily moderated so no negativity is ever seen, but all they ever post is pictures of lipstick in colors, finishes and brands you’ll never get from them.

Save your money. Throw your 10$ at more promising subs like 3b or time honored classics like ipsy or BB. The only time I’d actually recommend Lip Monthly is if you’re an international customer because these are brands that probably don’t come easily to you, and this sub is fairly border friendly. The only caveat here being that the value will probably be much lower than what you paid to ship the bag.

Beeju paid for this subscription. All opinions are my own. No affiliate/referral link.


13 thoughts on “Lip Monthly – December 2014 Review

  1. I would be completely irritated with this bag too! I don’t blame you for canceling.


  2. um lol. at least the bag is kinda cute… but holy cow, the carnage from that magnolia lip product!

    i hear really good things about milani’s blushes, but have never tried them. i’ve been spoiled by the quality of asian drugstore cosmetics.


    • I have a Milani blush I picked up during CVS’ 75% off sale and they have really intense pigmentation but the formulation is very chalky. You almost feel like you’re playing with sidewalk chalk. I gave the blush away because I didn’t have a constant need to look like a tomato, but it’s definitely one of their better products.

      I’m sure I have Asian drugstore items though I could never tell you which is which lol


  3. You are not alone with your thoughts on the Magnolia lippie. Mine was also loose and thin but when I pulled the doe foot out of the tube I pulled out chunks of hard colorant or something terrible I don’t want to even know. I also noticed the tube lacked the little plastic seal most have that helps avoid the horrid mess I had when I closed it. This product is no where near worth $15 and I’m a little upset that they think we maybe naive enough to think that it does. Anyways…love your review 🙂


    • Oh my goodness that’s just unacceptable… there’s definitely a quality control issue going on. I’m willing to bet these are all exceedingly old and sold to lip monthly at a stark discount. Seriously disappointing :/


  4. I only lasted for one month with these guys as wasn’t willing to give them the chance to get better. Sad to see they haven’t learned anything.


  5. I was actually thinking of subscribing to Lip Monthly but now I know better. Great review and good details! Not harsh at all. The truth is what it is.

    That liquid lipstick looks GROSS. I would hate spending $10 on Dollar Store brands in a subscription service.


    • Definitely hold off… you’d think by now that these guys would get it together but they’re skipping crucial details in favor of things like packaging. There’s only so many drugstore items you can get before you realize it’s just not worth it and you’re throwing your money away :/


  6. if this is harsh, please be harsh all the time because this has to be the funniest post yet. no, but seriously, this bag had to go. I think you made the right decision to call it quits. What a mess. And that liquid lipstick looked like fake blood. no thanks!


    • I am really glad I have dodged subbing this one; even when I got the $2.99 deal in my in-box! What a waste! they are still in business and my Lip Factory closed shop!! Boo


      • I originally signed up when they had their 5$ promotion back in the Spring but yeah… I miss Lip Factory. They started slacking off a bit closer to their closing date (which they say is because of what happened in October), but the box I got from them in May is one of my favorite boxes I’ve ever received from any sub, ever.


    • I definitely do my best writing when I’m at my snarkiest, lol. Loooot of flaws this month… well every month has had a flaw but this just did it for me lol


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