PopSugar Must Have – December 2014 Review

When it comes to subscription boxes, you fully expect them to just blow you away when it gets to be holiday time. After all, you’re getting a “present to yourself,” in a sense, so it should be jaw-droppingly wow worthy, right?

psboxPopSugar Must Have
39.99$ Per Month
Ships Mid-Month via FedEx (Ugh why!?)

We all know that PopSugar is a box I’ve not exactly “loved” in the past for one reasoning or another. I don’t know if its because it was Christmas or the curation this month was infinitely better than it has been in the past, but this box was easily my favorite PopSugar in the 5 or so odd boxes I’ve gotten over the year. I had originally purchased a 3 month sub but it ran out in November; then they released a half off coupon (expired) and full spoilers and I gifted myself a one time box.

Honestly PS does this stuff all the time, so if you’ve been kinda bummed with your subscription, gifting yourself a discounted box is a good way to save some funding and some heartache.

pscardEach box comes with an info card detailing the items and their retail value.

pstagsKnot & Bow Parcel Tags
I really like these for the holidays. My mom is one of these manic bakers (award winning even) during the holidays and usually gives out a bag of treats in lieu of an actual gift. These went to use pretty quickly.

psccWilliams-Sonoma Cupcake Mix – Vanilla Bean
I like cupcakes. I don’t make them near often enough because I hate doing dishes (I am the laziest person in the kitchen ever), but I will make an exception for gourmet cupcake mix. Seriously all we ever have is is overpriced boxed mix. :/

psbowlCanvas Dauville Platinum Bowl
This is a nifty bowl. I like weird decorative things like this. It’s platinum lined and the outside feels porous, like porcelain. It’s not too large – just perfect for mints or other little baubles. It’s also quite heavy so it’ll do in a rage induced pinch when you just need to toss something.

psscarfSPUN by Subtle Luxury
A scarf! A very holiday appropriate lightweight scarf! This won’t keep you warm at all but at least it’s cute?

pssmashSmashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer – Bordeaux
I’ve never tried anything by the smashbox brand and while this is a lovely color, I don’t care for the formula. It’s pretty patchy. I don’t know that I’d pick this up on my own.

psneckSparklepop Sydney Necklace
My favorite item in the entire box unfortunately broke into three pieces because the chain itself was super delicate. It’s a VERY long statement piece too and thankfully popsugar is going to replace it, since it can’t be fixed. Everytime I try to fix it, it pulls another ring off the chain. I originally asked them how to fix it and they just offered to send another. I absolutely adore this necklace though so I’m happy to have one I can actually wear.

psallThat’s Popsugar for December! I really liked this box – I felt it was very well curated for the Wintry December theme, and the items themselves are just nice and high quality. It felt like there was only one filler item (the tags) but they’re more practical, so it worked out.

If interested, PopSugar Must Have box is 39.99$ Per month and you can sign up by clicking here. Be aware that starting in January they start back on the fitness trend so if you’re not into fitness products it may be a good idea to dodge them and gift yourself a box if you happen to like it.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. No affiliate/referral link.

8 thoughts on “PopSugar Must Have – December 2014 Review

  1. I loved this box. Everything in it was something I’d use. I really hope January’s box is along these lines and not like that weird Juicing book they sent last year.


    • I didn’t start getting PopSugar until April but I saw that they were very fitness heavy from January to March. Getting a juicing book would be quite odd for me too, I don’t know that I’d enjoy that lol I’m just gonna wait until they reveal the spoilers for the January box and then decide it I want it. 😛


  2. Love this one! The Cupcake mix…oh my! I love me some Williams- Sonoma and the scarf is fabulous! =)


  3. Wow, this was a good box! I love that bauble, can you remove it and put it on a short chain, or is it attached?
    I’ve never done popsugar. It’s just too pricey when you have no idea what you’re getting, but I love reading other people’s reviews of them. Sometimes I internet stalk the items I liked from the boxes though….


    • You can remove the bauble! 😀 It’s a bit heavy so I expect that’s part of the reason why it broke.

      I do that too, there’s some items I feel like I just HAVE to have from these boxes. I’ll probably never resubscribe as long as they keep doing the gifting lol


  4. i actually liked the overpriced cake mix best because it’s one of those things i would neverrrr buy for myself but am perfectly pleased to get. hah. overall this box wasn’t my favorite, though. the lip lacquer applied really weirdly. :/


    • Yes exactly! I’d never pay more than a dollar for cupcake mix because I’m cheap anyway but getting gourmet cupcake mix in a box I am thrilled with. I need to make these soon!

      The smashbox really made me question why it was so popular, the formula just wasn’t there for me. There’s much better for much cheaper out there.


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