Memebox – My Dessert Box Review

This is an older box by Memeworld standards (I got some October box reviews I’ve yet to do), but when it recently popped up in one of Memeboxes famous 3AM restocks I knew I had to get it.

memedessertI couldn’t tell you exactly why I skipped this box the first time it debuted either, other than supreme lapse in judgement. Sort of like with the Cafe box where everyone thought it was gonna be coffee scrubs and it totally WASN’T. I snagged that one too.

Memebox is a series of mystery beauty boxes, all focused on Korean beauty items. Some boxes are strictly skincare, some are strictly makeup, but each box has a set ‘theme’ that they don’t always adhere to. This box did though, this box was pretty on point. Well, with the exception of one item that feels like it has no bidnis being there.

memedescard2 memedescardMemeboxes generally come with info cards that detail the item, their use, price and whether or not you can get them in Memeshop. Not all boxes have cards though, lately they’ve been sending out the “E-Info Cards,” which I am honestly not a fan of.

memeblusherdearberry Single Scoop Blusher – Chiffon Pink
This is a cream blusher that’s not too pigmented and goes on much more matte. It’s actually perfectly subtle for a quick “grab and go” blush look, as it doesn’t take too much work to get the desired color payoff. My only dislike of this item is what you see is literally the only product you get, it doesn’t twist up or anything. Both of us here at BeejuBoxes actually really like the dearberry brand too. There’s not been one item that we haven’t enjoyed.

memesoapNavillera Traditional Dessert Soap – Grape
I try not to use these little decorative soaps in general because they’re just SO CUTE (I have the same issue with the Fortune Cookie Soaps), and they look lovely next to a guest sink. This smells just like grapes and feels waxy, like every other bar soap ever. This had a 9 different options you could get too.

memelemonShara Shara Lemon Tea Pore Stick
The token Shara Shara item of the box is a beautifully scented lemon balm that you use on oily spots on your face to control excess sebum and help with makeup application. I don’t have oily skin until the Summer time so I’ll be saving this until then.

memeprincerCarver Korea Le Petit Prince Creme
This is the item that didn’t quite make sense for a box focused heavily on desserts. It’s an aloe based gel that’s supposed to be a toner, emulsion, ampoule, and cream all in one. Basically it’s a moisturizer. It smells nothing like dessert as it smells exactly like aloe, but the packaging is really cute.

memehandIt’s Skin Cookie and Hand Cream
This is a holy grail level hand cream for me and it smells like STRAWBERRIES! I’m so glad I didn’t get the Mint version as this smells very strongly of strawberries and the little black dots disintegrate once they hit skin. I’ve had bad dry skin on the backs of my hands for years that always gets worse in Winter, and this has been the only hand cream to successfully combat it. I’ve used it every morning and the dryness hasn’t been back since.  I absolutely love this stuff.

memeampouleDelskin Skin Juice Real Ampoule
The product card reads like a bottle of V8 – made with juice freshly extracted from strawberry, lime, lemon, mango, apricot, and about 10 other veggies and fruits. It smells like orange juice! This works as a anti-aging and whitening toner type of dealy. I actually really dislike the dropper applicators in general but the product itself is excellent. It doesn’t dry my skin out in the least.

memeallWith the exception of the gel cream thing this box was beautifully curated to meet the dessert theme. It smelled wonderful and this is going to be the first box I’ve had in a long time where I’ll actually use all the items, well, with the exception of the soap because it’s too cute to use.

If this box comes back in a restock I highly suggest grabbing it. It’s a good mix of skincare for sure, with the lone blusher bringing up the makeup portion of the box.

Memebox runs the gamut from 15$ to 30$ plus shipping, depending on size. To see a list of current boxes, click here.

Beeju paid for this box, all opinions are my own. Affiliate link.


3 thoughts on “Memebox – My Dessert Box Review

  1. That hand cream looks to die for! I’m so sad I missed this re-stock.


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