Memebox – After Dark Lip Set Review

Memebox Global very recently got into the cosmetics game on their own, first with their eyeshadows, and now with their lip sets.


I admittedly love lip products thought not nearly as much as D Lys; I think she’d be happy with anything as long as it had a random lip product in it. When these released as part of Memebox’s Christmas celebration, I really wanted to try them but I didn’t want to buy the entire set. However Memebox had the “After Dark” set for sale, which was a collection of their darker, more Fall/Winter appropriate colors, for 15.50 so I gave it a shot.

memeimlipI’m Lipstick #02 Reddish Coral – 15.50$ Ships US and Global
These lipsticks come in 6 different colors and unfortunately they’re pretty much bland as far as color selection goes. Seriously, two reds, a red-orange, a nude, and two pinks, one of which is bubblegum and the other leans a slight lavender. This shade, Reddish Coral, is a true medium red with very deep pigmentation. It’s also quite drying which is almost to be expected with more matte type lipsticks, though the Memewebsite claims they’re not drying at all, but no, they’re drying. The color payoff on this is absolutely gorgeous though, it’s not the least bit patchy, and it glides on smoothly.

memeimtintI’m Tint Balm #01 True Red  – 15.50$ Ships US and Global
My favorite item in the set is this gorgeously subtle balm. It’s super creamy and lightweight, it almost feels like you’re gliding jelly on your lips. The color isn’t quite red; it’s definitely more muted, though you can build it but it will never be as red as its lipstick sibling. I love this as a balm, the tint is so natural looking. ❤ ❤ My one lone complaint is this comes in a grand total of two colors, this color and a bright pink. WHY. WHY MUST WE HURT THE ONES WE LOVE

memelipcrayonI’m Lip Crayon – #06 Bella – 15.50$ Ships US and Global
A big part of the reason I ordered this set was to try this particular shade of this crayon. I’m personally not big on these types of lip products, I’d rather have a stick or a balm, but D Lys is all over them so I figured I’d go all enabler on her. This crayon goes on slightly patchy because it’s just like every other lip crayon; it’s waxy. The color payoff is a deep berry color, and it leans to a cool red. It tends to feather so I’m not too thrilled with that, but otherwise it’s a nice crayon overall. Adequate, but not like, holy grail worthy. The range of colors on the lip crayon are lacking a bit as well, unfortunately.

memeswatchesSwatches, I’m Lipstick, I’m Lip Balm, I’m Lip Crayon, one swipe of each, no primer. Pay no attention to the way I have the sticks arranged, clearly I had a moment of visual weakness.

memelipstuffallI adore this tint balm. The lipstick is kinda blah for me personally, but I’m not a fan of matte in general, and while I’ll use the crayon, it’s not my favorite. That BALM. I love it so much but I’m mighty disappointed it only comes in two colors. These lip products have no scent whatsoever, and all three are beautifully pigmented with the exception of the tint balm, which is intended. If you’re very interested in these you can’t go wrong with this set, it’s honestly worth the price if you’re looking for something a bit more daring. This set is currently on sale for 15.50$ and ships worldwide.

Beeju bought this set. All opinions are my own. Affiliate link.


4 thoughts on “Memebox – After Dark Lip Set Review

  1. Did it come with free stickers? 😛 Thats the winner of this set haha


    • Nah just a thank you card lol, I wonder if that’s a newer thing with the US shop orders. When I ordered the eyeshadow duo sets it came with a Lioele BB cream sample.


  2. I’ve found every lip tint they’ve sent out drying as well even though they claim otherwise. I find there are very few Korean tinted lip products I can wear.


    • Same, I avoid tints in general because of the drying effect. Honestly I’d say the tint balm is only halfway aptly named, it’s definitely a balm and the tint is very subtle, it’s much more a color lip balm, like chapstick.


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