3b – December 2014 Review

3b (Beauty Beyond Borders) is a brand new subscription box focused on the world of Asian beauty. It’s easily the cheapest subscription around for what is literally a very pricey love affair – anyone who has tried to import items on their own knows how inflated they are – for 12$ per month, you get a bag of samples and full size items.

12$ Per Month – Free Shipping!

I ordered this box shortly after making this post where I initially advertised it, and it was shipped immediately after and I got it a few days later. It had an excellent premise, a box of Asian beauty goodies for an affordable price, stateside. I have to admit I was entirely too curious about this bag, was it finally the subscription box I have been begging for? Maybe!

3binfocardThe mesh bag came with an info card detailing the items. They’re currently looking for feedback, so feel free to e-mail them if you like the box. They’re very friendly and got back to my initial e-mails practically instantly.

3btissuesThe Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes
For being an herbal face cloth it doesn’t smell all that herbal, it actually smells quite lemony. I love facial wipes and use them regularly, so to get these is nifty. I also love that these are from well known Korean brands that I recognize.

3betudeEtude House Collagen Moistfull Kit
It’s a mini-moisturizer! I’m a fan of the Etude House collagen moistfull set because they’re excellent at moisturizing and brightening – though I personally don’t care for it until the Spring/Summer months when the air isn’t so dry. It’s a lovely moisturizer, but in the Winter months you definitely need something with a little more oompf. This is also a sampler kit, so it doesn’t have too many uses.

3dlinerK-Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner
I can’t say I’ve ever heard of this brand, though a girl on Instagram told me it was one of her favorite eyeliners and it’s honestly very easy to see why. It glides on very easily with its brush tip, and it absolutely does NOT budge.

3bpolishNature Republic Nail Polish
This is very much a tomato red, and the formula is really smooth and glossy.

3ballI’m pretty impressed with 3b’s introductory bag, you get a very nice mix of items, 3 of which are full sized for 12$ per month. When you sign up you can also suggest brands you’d love to see in the bag, and so far they say their most popular request is Etude House (good choice!). I love seeing an affordable bag stateside for Asian beauty, it makes me irrationally happy. I honestly feel like this a subscription box that has been needed in this market for such a long time. Here’s hoping 3b keeps up with this kind of curation and these types of brands!

If interested, 3b is 12$ per month and as of this post their boxes are still in stock however they mention on their facebook page that they’re almost sold out, so if you want this particular box, DON’T WAIT.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. No affiliate/referral link.


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