3B – New Subscription Box!

There’s a new Asian Beauty subscription box roaming the streets – The 3B Box (Beauty Beyond Borders), which is a sampler of various beauty brands from different parts of Asia. I reached out to 3B to get some clarification before I subscribed:

12$ Per Month. This is not an introductory rate and does include shipping cost. Currently they only ship to the US.

Cut Off Date:
We do not have a cut off date for subscribers but we do have limited spots for sign ups. This means that there are limited quantities for this first round of subscriptions and every customer that signs up will receive a 3B box until we hit our cap. Once we hit our cap, customers who sign up will be waitlisted.

Samples or Full Sizes?
We feature deluxe Asian beauty samples in a monthly drawstring bag. You might occasionally find a full size product but for the most part we are focused on product discoverability and allowing our fans to sample new products.

When Does the Bag Normally Ship?
As for ship dates, we have designated times throughout the month when we ship so it all depends on when customers sign up and what wave they are in. Beeju Note: From what I’m seeing they’ve been shipping shortly after ordering but this won’t last I’m sure.

I did subscribe personally so once I get the box I will review it, so far I’ve seen Etude House, Nature Republic, The Face Shop and TonyMoly in their “What’s in the Box,” section. Bits and Boxes has a review up and honestly for 12$ you can’t really beat the price from the goodies you get. The sub is based out of the US so shipping times are substantially lower than they would be if you ordered directly from one of the Asian countries they feature.

If you’re interested, 3B is 12$ per month and as of this post there is no waitlist, so sign up by clicking here.

EDIT: We now have our own review up, click here to view.


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