CraftWhat!? – November 2014 Review

CraftWhat!? is a unique subscription box for the crafty-minded folk.

10$ Per Month
Ships via USPS

CraftWhat!? is definitely unique when it comes to the moderately medium sized world of craft themed subscriptions. For 10$ a month, you get a box of items and an “inspiration card,” but no set instructions. Your task is to build something out of the items given to you each month. There are no wrong answers, you can build anything you desire. CraftWhat!? also donates a portion of their proceeds to charity each month. The theme for November was “Giving Thanks.” CraftWhat!? kindly sent me this box for review.

cwcard2CraftWhat!? encourages you to be as creative as possible with what you’re given.

cwcardPretty straightforward.

cwsuppliesThe supplies this month were a pack of blank cards, scissors, glue stick, decorative snowflake punch, card stock, and pins. The info card says you don’t necessarily have to make a thank you cards but I went completely unoriginal and did it anyway (I liked the snowflake press sue me)


I cut the cardstock smaller and glued it to the provided card. The card set had several cards and envelopes in it, and they’re basically like cardboard.

cwdoneI made two thank you cards, and just cut the snowflakes out of the blue cardstock to make decorative paper (it’s a thing).

My project was pretty short but I’m not too creative a person anyway. This sub would be excellent for parents and kids to do together, kids love hands on stuff anyway and getting to do something with a relative would make it even more special. I sent out my handmade cards this morning.

If interested, CraftWhat!? is 10$ per month and they bill around the 16th. There’s still time to get in on December!

Beeju was sent this complimentary box for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


4 thoughts on “CraftWhat!? – November 2014 Review

  1. This looks so fun! I tried to subscribe last month, but their site was down. They said for my difficulties they’d send me a free box. And then they said it was fixed and I could sign up. But I never got my free box. And I never was successful at signing up on their site. They stopped answering my emails begging for help, so I gave up. I’m going to Blueberry Cove for a bead box instead.


    • Honestly you’re not the first person I’ve heard have issues with this sub. I’ve heard of boxes going missing or arriving late but since I don’t personally subscribe I can’t exactly attest to it. I’ve never heard of Blueberry Cove! I love beading but they’re very expensive here in general (I’m guessing that WV isn’t big on crafters), but I love the premise of a bead box! 😀


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