Memebox – Etude House Review


Memebox is a mystery Korean beauty box focused on different themes. Except.. they haven’t been releasing boxes at all lately, and I’m guessing they won’t be releasing a new box for awhile. Makes me sad, the boxes are the best part of Memebox. They’ve started focusing much more on their shop offerings which I have to admit are very nicely priced considering they’re sourced and shipped from Korea.

The Etude House box came out a few months back and honestly its a box I juggled with buying. At the time, Memebox released new boxes and priced them at different levels depending on the type of box. This particular box was a few dollars shy of 40$ shipped, and when normal Memeboxes are around 26$ shipped it was a bit of a jump. This eventually got me though, because I love the brand. This box was one of a series of “Brand Boxes,” Etude House, Banila Co, SkinFood, The Face Shop, TonyMolly, Holika Holika and Innisfree.

Etude House (Pink House) is a well known Korean beauty brand. Honestly when you first start getting into K-Beauty, Etude House is one of the first brands you’ll find. They make a little of everything too.

memecard1 memecard3Each Memebox comes with an info card that describes the item, its use and retail price. Sometimes the items are available for sale in the Memeshop, but as of 12/7 Memebox doesn’t stock anything by Etude House. Since the items are sourced directly from Korea they may not always have English names or instructions.

memelashallEtude House Oh My Lash Mascara Top CoatΒ  – 5$
It’s a bright blue top coat that goes on clear. It’s not quite waterproof but it does work as a sealant in the event your mascara is the kind that likes to flake.

mememascaraEtude House Brow Mascara – 7$
I like the premise of this, it’s a colorant, but the formula is very watery and runny. When it dries it “tugs” and can be a bit drying. This is also a few shades too dark for me but it does blend.

memesleepEtude House Play Therapy Sleeping Pack – 10$
For an item that has pomegranates all over the packaging, it sure smells nothing like them. It’s very, very floral. It’s a lovely sleeping mask too – it absorbs well, its soothing, and it leaves my skin almost glowing the next morning. The only thing I don’t like is it’s somewhat sticky until it absorbs, but other than that, perfectly fine.

memefaceEtude House Face Conditioning Fixer – 12$
A face conditioning fixer is literally a fancy term for “setting spray.” Except it’s a bit too wet to be a setting spray for after makeup application – honestly it’d probably mess up anything you’d done if you sprayed this too closely to your face. It’s mildly floral but not over powering, and it’s very soothing and cooling. It’s good for temporary redness relief but I wouldn’t substitute it for a good moisturizer.

memebellEtude House Belle Dress Pretty Look Shower Cologne – 8$
This was really sort of odd when it showed up, technically you use this after showering to… perfume you.. I know I know, it sounds weird, but it smells very fresh and fruity. Honestly I love it as a stand alone perfume instead of a “shower cologne” (Korea is kinda weird, isn’t it), because it’s really light. I wouldn’t mind grabbing the other scents. πŸ˜€

memecollaEtude House Moistfull Collagen Cream – 18$
The neat thing about this is it came with a bonus ampoule. This is easily one of the more popular items when it comes to Etude House; it’s a moisturizer with anti-aging properties and it smells like oranges! It’s an excellent moisturizer and thankfully it doesn’t break the bank on price. Etude House makes an entire line devoted to this collagen set, and if you have the opportunity to try it I highly recommend it. It’s not going to make dry skin a thing of the past especially if you live in a harsh winter climate, but it’s an excellent moisturizer regardless.

memeetudeallThese brand boxes always come with a bit of a disclaimer; when you have a company such as Etude House that makes such a wide variety of products, you may not always get the items you like or have ever experienced. Honestly the only item I wasn’t a particular fan of was the lash top coat, and that was a textural issue. Overall this box was an excellent introduction to the brand itself, though they don’t just make skincare products and random shower perfume, they make a line of adorable makeup including the Etoinette Heart Highlighter I’ve been lusting after for months. This box is a decent value as well, while the items themselves aren’t too pricey, to import them separately is almost always costlier than buying a Memebox.

Memeboxes run the gamut from 15-32$ plus shipping. Each box is released with a different theme. The boxes are ultimately mystery boxes with specific exceptions, and it’s worth the risk. We keep a list of current boxes and newer shop items on our Memebox page located here. As of 12/6 all available Memeboxes have sold out but we’ll update them when new boxes are released.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. Affiliate link.


6 thoughts on “Memebox – Etude House Review

  1. I kept thinking that Etude House is now at Sephora, but it’s actually Tony Moly – I nearly drove myself crazy there with the mix-up! But Etude House is one of the Korean brands that I do want to try. I think I’m most intrigued by the shower cologne! How light is it? Is it like one of those body mists from Bath & Body Works?


    • Ahhhh TonyMoly at Sephora? I need to roadtrip! They sell a lot of Korean brands at Urban Outfitters too, if you’re near them.

      The shower cologne is JUST LIKE the B&BW mists! It doesn’t smell like any of them in particular but the scent’s staying power is exactly the same. πŸ˜€


      • They don’t seem to have much of a selection at Sephora yet, but as Korean brands grow increasingly more popular, hopefully their selection will as well!

        I really like those mists, so I think I will like the shower cologne too. πŸ™‚


        • I think you’d love the shower cologne, it’s quite reminiscent of the smell after getting out of the shower which was probably the intention lol I just love it. I’ve used about 1/3rd so far so I need to order the other scents asap

          I hope we start seeing more Korean brands in more of those types of stores – i live no where near NY or LA so the standalone stores are completely out of my radius.


  2. Meme boxes intrigue me, but I just feel like they are somewhat pricey, so I never jump the gun on them. But it sounds like they are a great value with the sizes of the “samples.”


    • Most of the items are full size, and unless you live near a specific store it can be a better value to buy the box instead of importing all the items separately. The take away being that you’ll probably get items you don’t like or won’t use. Memeboxes are very addicting too…


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