Birchbox – November 2014 Review

In the grand tradition of it being time for the next box, here’s the previous months Birchbox.

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Birchbox is the granddaddy of subscription boxes. A few months ago they gave subscribers the option of either picking a sample, that months curated box, or by letting Birchbox surprise them with whatever they want. I chose the BuzzFeed curated box and I’m thinking that wasn’t the best idea…

If you didn’t pick the BuzzFeed curated box, you were eventually graced with the choice of a shaRED box, which donated money to stop AIDS for each time the box was shared on social media by using a specific hashtag. Our buddies over at Subaholic have an excellent review of that box and what you could expect on it located here. 

Birchboxes do come with info cards, but silly me managed to not upload or take said photo. Whoops.

bblippDr. Lipp – Nipple Balm for Lips
Eh. It’s an alright lip balm but there are far better. The info card says you can use it on both lips or cuticles and honestly it does leave your cuticles soft but also coated in some weird mess that doesn’t properly dry. For all the fanfare this gets I was pretty disappointed. :/

bbamikaAmika Perk Up Dry Shampoo
This is a repeat item for me but that’s the risk you take with these curated boxes, you may get a repeat item or three. It’s a fine dry shampoo, smells pretty good too. Gets the job done, etc etc.

bbpackDr. Jart – Pore Minimalist Mask
This is a repeat item, but that’s the risk you take with these boxes. It’s a black sheet mask infused with charcoal.

bbmirenMirenesse – iCurl Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara
This mascara is from an Australian brand that is crazy expensive. They also have their own subscription box that’s quarterly, filled with their products. I actually really like Mirenesse products, they’re all high quality but probably a bit overpriced. This is a nice mascara, I’d put on par with Tarte’s lights cameras lashes, but it’s not really worth the full price of 35$, plus the shipping charge which is usually double that when coming to the states. I do like this though, and it’ll be used.

bbcandleGreenleaf – Silver Spruce Candle
I have never been so angry about a candle. This candle is the reason I got this box, and I wish I had better judgement. Two things: It’s SO strong you could smell it outside the box, IT DOESN’T SMELL LIKE A SPRUCE. I live in the damn forest, there is no tree that smells this strong. This is pure concentrated fragrance oil. lsidhfsadf this just makes me angry.

Now if it was a sugary scent I would like it infinitely better, but the fact it’s a “tree” just kills me.


So that’s my Birchbox for November. It’s pretty lackluster, with the two good items being the mirenesse and the amika. This is why I opted to let Birchbox surprise me for their December box (I promise I’ll review that one in December).

The star of birchbox is their points program, where you get 10 points for each product reviewed on their site, up to a max of 50 per month. The points stack for any item in their shop, including limited edition items.

If interested, Birchbox is 10$ per month.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. Referral link.







6 thoughts on “Birchbox – November 2014 Review

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  3. I really like this Holiday Hacks box. It’s even better than the Nov Birchbox. I could use that candle – had a blackout the other day. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    By the way, how did that mask go? I read some great things about charcoal masks these days.


    • I’ve honestly not tried it – I’m not too big on sheet masks in general, the few I have tried are from Memebox and they’re alright but always leave my skin red so I tend to avoid them as much as possible. :/

      We have blackouts here constantly so we’re always in a steady supply of candles, but this tree scented one was just too much!


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