One Direction Limited Edition Makeup Tin Review

One Direction has developed yet another kit following the success of their last one that debuted over the Summer. This kit features different items and colors, and the tins are a little more personalized because they each have a different band member on the cover.

1dtinThere are five kits total, one for each band member. The makeup contents are all exactly the same, the only difference in the tins is the outer cover and the inner cover colors.

From the Brand: “A range of makeup and cosmetic products celebrating youth, style, and the uninhibited lifestyle of a new generation. Celebrating life with bold shades, unique formulae and infused with limited edition collectable packaging, Makeup from One Direction is fun, bold, often irreverent, with a touch of cheeky mischievousness. Offered at prices that every girl and woman can afford.”

1dopentinThe inner tin. For this review I’m using the tin of the band member “Louie.” Zayn (right tin) has a teal interior, and Liam (left tin) has a hot pink interior.

The tins contain 6 eye shadows, 4 lip products, 1 lip topcoat, 2 polishes, 1 eyeliner, and 2 teeny brushes. The brushes are really blah quality, but that’s the norm with any brush that comes with these types of kits.

1dextraPolishes – Stole My Heart (Red), Alive (Glitter)
The red is a beautiful deep hot pink with fine light pink microglitter. It’s a gorgeous color but again not necessarily fall appropriate. It takes about two coats and the formula isn’t the least bit streaky. The glitter is a round multicolored glitter. It’s your standard glitter.

Eyeliner – I Want
A crayon eye pencil that’s borderline chalky, and it falls apart quite easily. It is a very deep black and is capable of drawing very deep lines but it feels more like an actual waxy crayon than a creamy eyeliner.

Lip Top Coat – Over Again
A sheer glitter top coat with silver microglitter. Using it makes your lips very gritty but also very shiny.

1dlinerswatchYou can barely see the topcoat, but its directly above the eyeliner.


Lips – Loved You First (Top Left), Irresistible (Bottom Left), One Thing (Top Right), Heart Attack (Bottom Left)

One of my least favorite parts of the tin were these really odd teeny tiny pans of lip product. In theory these should be perfectly complimentary since they give you such contrasting colors, but honestly the color is the only thing I actually do like. The texture and formula is just so uncomfortable to use.

1dlipswatchThey’re very patchy but that’s to be expected with these. They’re incredibly sticky and almost feel like they’re made with honey. The only good thing is they have maybe 3 applications worth of product in the tin itself. I have to issue a disclaimer here, I didn’t use a brush which would have probably upped my overall opinion of these. The lavender color on the bottom isn’t too pigmented, and the other three are shimmer shades.

1dshadowEyeshadows – Nobody Compares (Top Left), Tell Me a Lie (Top Middle), Same Mistakes (Top Right), I Would (Bottom Left), Summer Love (Bottom Middle), Everything About You (Bottom Right).

The eyeshadows are easily the star of this little tin, with the exception of the darker shades. The darker shades have the same issue as the other tin, they’re just not very pigmented and can be a bit chalky. The top three lighter shades are just so gorgeous, see swatches below.

1dshadowswNobody Compares is much more of a silver leaning gray but almost metallic in nature. Tell Me A Lie is much more matte, and Same Mistakes is just a gorgeous teal. The other three are just… blah in texture and the last two are just horrible in pigment. That seems to be a very common theme for dark shadows across the brand board though.

So as far as successful tins go, I’d say this one was a little less successful than the last tin that debuted over the Summer. That tin had a nice balance of items in season appropriate colors, this tin felt like they went as bright and glittery as humanly possible. Maybe that’s what their fans like, or their target demographic? I share the same sentiment with this set as I do with the other three Limited Edition sets – if they made a neutral/nudes set it would be universally flattering and open themselves to a much larger demographic, especially if those shadows are of the same beautiful quality as the top three shimmers in this set.

Either way, this tin would make an excellent gift for young ladies who love the band, and/or are starting to get involved in makeup. I imagine it would be an especially lovely gift if you knew that young ladies favorite band member as well – there are five variations of tins, one for each member. Each tin is the same inside, just the tin itself has a different color variant.

You can purchase these tins now at the following stores:
Sears USA
Walmart Canada

To find out more about the line and the band, feel free to check out their facebook page, located here.

Beeju received these samples from the BrandBacker program. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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