FrenchBox – November 2014 Review

Oh dear. FrenchBox, what happened to you? You’re only on your third month – still in infancy!

24$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Mid-Month via USPS

Use code THZ1JYYQ87 to save 10$

FrenchBox is a subscription box that’s fairly true to its name; it sends out items sourced directly from France. This is FrenchBox’s third month in existence and while normally the boxes have been excellently curated, they threw all of that out the proverbial window and made a slew of subscribers angry.

fbcardEach FrenchBox comes with an info card that details the items, their retail cost and website. Each box also includes a post card that lists which box it came out of and a recipe card. The boxes often have slight variations, well, usually they do anyway, this month it was almost like they ran out of product and threw random endorsement fillers in there.

fbrecNovember’s recipe was for Croque-Monsieur which is just a fancy way of saying grilled cheese.

fbmaskPier Auge – Radiant Mask
This was the big ticket item for this months box, a face mask. I’m not familiar with this brand nor have I tried this particular item. Being a Memebox enthusiast, I have face masks by the dozens so this will go into rotation at some point.

fbcoffeeSegafredo Cafe de Paris Coffee
I am personally not a coffee drinker, but I actually don’t mind getting this item because I know several coffee drinkers. I’m the person that when you go to a coffee shop and order a gingerbread cookie frozen mocha latte with extra cream, I order a chocolate milk box.

fbmirrorParis Pocket Mirror
My most favorite item in the box is also the most gimmicky – this is the type of item you see in souvenir shops or some random pit of the internet. It’s a very sturdy, well made compact with two mirrors. The design is random too and I love the one I got. I’m always losing these mirrors so I’m pretty thrilled to have one, especially a Paris themed one.

fbbookLido Notebook
So apparently this is a collectable item from a popular French burlesque show. It smells like feet. That’s literally all there is to say about this, it’s a notebook. Nothing too showy. Useful yes, but special, nah. I do actually like it, but I tend to like notebooks anyway. The fact that it’s from some popular show I’ve never heard of is kind of irrelevant; it’s sort of like giving a piece of the Star Trek enterprise to a 5 year old.

fbsamLeonard Perfume Sample & Guerlain Foundation Sample
And so it begins. These samples were a big cause of the ‘rioting’ done by subscribers and I honestly have to agree to an extent. If I’m paying for a moderately priced sub then I don’t expect to get a foil packet. 10$ sub yes, but at 24$ I expect something with a little more substance. Sending foundation is risky anyway as you have a pretty high chance of alienating all but whatever group can actually make the color work. The perfume sample’s scent is alright overall, it’s just strong, kinda musky. Not my jam.

fballSo that’s FrenchBox for November. FrenchBox is just three months old so you don’t exactly expect a spectacular downward spiral so quickly. Honestly, my box wasn’t even the worst one, in fact it was quite normal (I actually like my box, ironically enough). Regardless, subscription box addicts know what they like and don’t like, and they can tell when something has been half-assed.

The lovely lady at The Culture Queen got a magnet, a FrenchBox branded pouch and a phone charm as variants to her box (I love the mirror design she got). Brandy at MommySplurge got a repeat item from FrenchBox’s September offering, and her coffee sort of exploded all over her box.

If I had been unlucky enough to get theirs I probably wouldn’t have been too pleased. I do like the branded pouch though, so there’s that. It felt like since they got the full size mask (it retails for over 40$) that they just sort of did a slapdash job on the rest of the curation as far as Culture Queen’s and Brandy’s boxes were concerned. Either way, they announced on their Facebook that they’ve heard the comments and intend on coming up with a solution to make up for it.

Welp, if you’re interested in FrenchBox the cost is 24$ per month but you can save 10$ by using coupon code THZ1JYYQ87. I’d give them another chance; it sounds like December is going to be lovely. They can either improve or crash and burn at this point.

Beeju paid for this subscription. All opinions are my own.


6 thoughts on “FrenchBox – November 2014 Review

  1. I liked your box, too, but I agree with The Culture Queen — I would cancel as well if I had received her box. Thanks for sharing :o)

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  2. Btw the box you received was very poor just as mine was. At least you got the notebook though. I’m so happy I cancelled!


    • All the offerings were definitely lackluster, a certain step down from last month. Out of the three versions available so far I’m glad I got the one I did 😛

      I cancelled too but not because of the box, mostly because of the holidays. I’ll pick it back up next year 😀

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  3. Thanks for the mention Beeju you rock! – Kendra @ The Culture Queen

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