Lip Monthly – November 2014 Review

Just when I think that Lip Monthly may be headed in the right direction they find some subtle way to make me question them again. Arg.

lmallLip Monthly
10$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Mid-Month via USPS

This is a subscription that’s definitely on the more affordable side but it has been plagued with issues since its inception back in Spring of this year. Lip Monthly has a good premise, it’s literally a box of all lip products, but their sketchy customer service plus “total lack of effort” curation have made this box stay on the “bad spectrum” for several months in a row. Ugh, Lip Monthly. Why do you infuriate me so much?

Welp anyway, Lip Monthly is a sub of all lip products and one monthly mix up. Well usually one, a few months back they did two non-lip items and chaos ensued.

lmbagEach bag comes with an info card that details the items and peddles their shop. I honestly suggest not going through their shop – you can almost always find the items much cheaper elsewhere. The bag is newer, this is the 4th month that Lip Monthly has been doing the makeup bags and the 3rd month they’ve actually changed the design. It’s a fine bag, it just smells awful until it airs out.

If you’ve been an ipsy subscriber since early Spring, you’re going to be seeing some repeat items here.

lmpencilOFRA Lip Liner – Orchid
Last year ipsy sent out an OFRA eyeliner but I’m not sure they’ve ever sent out an OFRA lip liner, though it wouldn’t surprise me if they did. OFRA is a brand that’s been in a variety of boxes over the last several months and I can’t say I’m a big fan of theirs. Their products are adequate but there are better.

lmbrushCrown Brush Lip Brush
I like getting brushes in sub boxes because I can never seem to have enough. It’s a perfectly fine brush. No complaints here.

lmhighlightCity Color White Gold Cream Highlighter
This is a repeat item from ipsy back in the Spring, it’s a lovely gold cream highlighter. I barely used it when ipsy sent it because the formula is like a gritty whipped cream but the color payoff is a gorgeous soft gold.

lmhikariHikari Lipstick – Cabernet
This is another ipsy repeat and a very recent ipsy repeat at that. The color is a gorgeous warm toned berry and perfect for Fall, but I had a couple of issues with the application. It migrates every single damn place it possibly can. It’s very creamy and dries matte, but omg I can’t even tell you how annoying it was to apply because it was a little streaky. It’s a lipstick with an attitude, “Oh you wanted me to go here? NOPE GOING OVER HERE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT MY MOM.”

lmnycNYC Expert Last Lipstick – Berry Me
Another very recent ipsy item (I think it was in last months selection actually), and a very cheap item found readily at your local dollar tree. Ironically enough I actually really love the formula, it’s shiny and it feels just like butter. Initially I really disliked it because it felt gritty and grainy, but that quickly dissipated. I actually wouldn’t mind a couple more colors if the formula continues to be this nice. The packaging is very cheap though, and the cap fell off about 32 times.

lmswatchSwatches, from top to bottom: City Color Highlighter, Hikari, NYC

lmallThis bag felt like a bunch of ipsy overstocks. At least 4 of the items were in previous ipsy bags and the OFRA liner was in a previous back in a pseudo sort of way (eyeliner instead of lip liner). Regardless I actually do like the colors and the NYC really surprised me – you don’t exactly expect an item you can get from the dollar store to be great quality and I’ll definitely be picking more of those up.

Does one semi-decent bag suddenly make up for a mediocre showing for the last several months? Absolutely not. They’re definitely in the right direction with the colors though, I’ll give them that. The colors they sent are very Fall appropriate and actually very lovely. I just wish we hadn’t got what was essentially “Ipsy: The Refurbished.”

Well if you’re interested Lip Monthly is 10$ per month, it ships mid-month range and you can get your first bag for 5$ by using code HOLIDAYLIPS.

Beeju paid for this subscription. All opinions are my own. No affiliate/referral link.


2 thoughts on “Lip Monthly – November 2014 Review

  1. Interesting, do you think they were inspired by Ipsy? Do you think you’ll stay subscribed to Lip Monthly? Anyway, nice review 🙂


    • I think so yes, in the beginning they were a little more ‘unique’ because the products were in an actual box, but lately it seems like they’re copying ipsy a bit with the different bag designs and identical items. At least the items are fairly high quality.

      I’ll stay subscribed because I’m a glutton for punishment hehe


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