Ipsy – November 2014 Review

20141119_122459WARNING: Salt levels critical

10$ Per Month – Free Shipping
Ships Early/Mid Month via USPS

This was not my favorite Ipsy month. Woof.

Note: Both D Lys and Beeju get this sub.

20141119_122537D Lys: This month’s bag is a super sparkly Forever 21 thingamabob. The glitter is built-in, so no need to worry about shedding glitter everywhere. Outside of its unfortunate wrinkling habit, I quite like this bag.
Beeju: I really like the bag. I like anything glittery anyway but this is just cute. Not too fond of Forever 21 though.

20141119_122840clariSEA Sea Salt Solutions Instant Glow Powder Exfoliant

Oh boy, a jar of salt. 

There could not be an item that sums up my feelings towards Ipsy this month any better. This is a pretty decent sized sample, at least. I didn’t find it to be anything special. It certainly didn’t give me an instant glow.

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray

D Lys: I don’t use hairspray. When I tested this out, it did seem to give my hair a tremendous amount of shine. Just like the other Marc Anthony hair product I got, this smells very good.
Eh I use hairspray very very rarely – I may go through a can every three years or so.

20141119_122759Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Base in Submissive

D Lys: Be a Bombshell is not a brand that I’m very fond of. After June’s mascara debacle, I wasn’t putting another of their products anywhere near my eyes. This doesn’t reek as bad as the mascara (though it’s still far from pleasant), and is a very pretty bronze when swatched. It’s not super pigmented.
Beeju: Why the bajezus was this little jar so heavy? That’s literally my only comment. I dislike BaB products.

TEMPTU S/B Highlighter in Pink Pearl

D Lys: This sample is tiny. The highlighter itself is the perfect color for my very pale skin. Unfortunately, it’s ultra runny. It’s also so subtle that it’s very easily blended into invisibility.
Beeju: Ditto, it’s beautifully iridescent but it’s also the most blendable highlighter in existence. Why it’s so blendable, it practically disappears!

20141119_122714Nicole by OPI Nail Polish in Guys & Galaxies

Ipsy finally sent me nail polish! Hooray! This shade is exclusive to Ipsy. This glitter goes on smooth and shines beautifully, but it’s honestly just kind of a generic silver glitter. I’m disappointed, but at least it’s a product that I’ll use.

20141119_122919Bonus Item – noyah Lip Balm in Vanilla

This is a bonus item that I redeemed my Ipsy points for. Just like the rest of my bag this month, it’s super disappointing. This has little scent, and feels very greasy on my lips. It didn’t really do much for my chapped lips. It does have a nice taste though.

20141119_123246TEMPTU & Be a Bombshell

20141119_123515The polish matches the bag!

The best item in this bag was only mediocre. On the bright side, next month’s bag should totally be better, right?


ipsyallNow for Beeju’s half! I get two bags for no particular reasoning so some of my items differ from D Lys’.

ipsymottElizabeth Mott You’re So Fine Eyeliner
This is FULL of silver glitter. It glides very easily too so, I like it. I just have 540 other eyeliners already so it’s nothing too special.

ipsylipJ. Cat Wonder Lip Paint – Red Potion + Mad Hatter
Couple things about these – I got them earlier in the year from Lip Factory in this exact color and wasn’t too thrilled with it because whoa it’s dark. The thing I really hate about these is they smell like peppermint scented paint thinner. The color though, is absolutely gorgeous, buildable, and subtle. I really love the Red Potion but the scent is going to be very difficult to ignore.

ipsyitIT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer
Too dark. It’s as simple as that.

ipsypencilStarlooks Gem Eye Pencil – Ultra Olive
Starlooks has its own subscription box for 15$ a month (unless its been raised since I last checked) so it’s always a little bit of a surprise when one of their items shows up in ipsy, no matter how frequent. Either way this eyeliner is an olive green which means it won’t work with my eye color so it’s getting gifted.

ipsylotionSeaRx Hand Lotion
This smells really really nice, like clean and fruity but it doesn’t hydrate that well. The sample is an okay size too.

So as far as my own ipsy experience goes, both of my bags were complete busts. It seems like ipsy has been on a continuous downward spiral lately but next month everyone gets a Tarte mascara and some NYX balm so I’m pretty thrilled with that so far.

D Lys and Beeju paid for their subscriptions. All opinions are our own. Affiliate links.


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