Universal Yums – December Box Review

Universal Yums is a brand new subscription box in the ever expanding snack box game. They send a box stuffed with goodies from a different country each month, under the tagline “Snack like a local,” and you totally do – there’s such a variety of goodies in each box. Universal Yums kindly sent us this box to review*

uyUniversal Yums
10$ Yum Box – Free Shipping!
20$ Yum Yum Box (Double Treats) – Free Shipping!
Ships mid-month

(This Review is of the Yum Yum Box)

uyopenUniversal Yums comes in this GIANT box (easily one of the biggest boxes a snack box has ever used in the history of snack boxes), and the presentation is absolutely perfect; the tissue paper is the colors of the German flag! Such a nice touch. I’m a sucker for a good presentation, the attention to detail is really what sets this sub apart from the other snack subs.

uyboxThese are giant bags of chips lemme tell ya. This review is of the December box, so if you subscribe today (which I highly suggest you do), you’ll be getting these goodies at a special introductory rate. This review is of the Yum Yum Box, which is double the amount of treats, and the introductory rate lists it at 20$. The Yum Box is a smaller offering for 10$. Both have free shipping and honestly, but the sheer amount of goodies you get, 20$ is a steal.

uycardThe info card is pretty special on its own, the front side has trivia as well as the reveal of the country, and the back has details about the items including pictures which is a fantastic touch. The back also gives a clue to the next months box, which D Lys and I guessed it was Portugal or Brazil. That box is the January box.

uygummyHaribo Gold Bears
I constantly forget that Haribo is a German brand because we can get them so easily here in the United States. Gummy Bears are a wonderful inclusion to any box because come on, who doesn’t love a gummy bear. They’re very fruity and chewy, which is of course, the intention. I love me some bears.

uydueDr. Quendt’s Dinkelchen
“Spelt Cookies,” made with wheat bran and Russian bread and covered in chocolate. They sound odd, and look like the long lost cousin to Alpha-bits, but they’re actually crunchy with a texture not unlike a malt ball. You can definitely taste the wheat flavor but overall they’re really nice, and the chocolatey coating smooth and creamy.

uypickLeibenz Choco Pick Up!
This is literally a chocolate bar between two buttery cookies. It’s very rich and crunchy but really good in small doses. The chocolate is incredibly creamy but the cookies themselves err on the “too much butter” side. Either way I chowed this down in about 10 seconds and I’d do it again.

uymarzipanSchluckwerder Marzipan
Marzipan is made with almonds and this one is covered in dark chocolate, and being mildly allergic to almonds prevents me from eating it. I will say that it smells absolutely intoxicating, though.

uypretzSaltlett’s Classic
Pretzel sticks! Pretzels have always been one of those things that I have to have a craving for to actually eat, and I don’t normally reach for them. These are really nice and crunchy and the sea salt makes them perfect. They do taste like every other pretzel we can get here in the states, but the sea salt puts these in a league of their own.

uyritterRitter Sport
The flavors on this vary per box and mine was milk chocolate with cornflake crunchies inside – think like a crunch bar. This has to be some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had, it’s soooooo creamy and honestly it feels just like a luxury chocolate. I wish I had so much more of this, it was easily one of the standouts in an already amazing box.

uyhippoKinder Happy Hippo
If I remember right this brand makes a chocolate egg with a prize inside that was banned in the states, so I was happy to actually get to try something so controversial. Well, sorta, I couldn’t actually try it because it contains hazelnuts (better safe than sorry) but the person I gave it to absolutely adored it. It’s a hippo shaped wafer with a creamy hazelnut center she said was a “cross between nutella and peanut butter,” and coated with white chocolate on the outside.

uypeanutCurly Peanuts
This reminds me a lot of Tohato’s caramel corn in shape and smell, but it too is something I’m a bit scared to try because it’s literally like cheetohs flavored with peanut dust. My taste tester claimed it tasted exactly like puffy cracker jacks. I loved the smell of these.

uytaffyHitschler Softi Kaubonbon
Mmmmmmmmmm taffy sticks. These look exactly like stick gum but they taste so much sweeter and are just perfect in every single conceivable way. They have a light cotton candy flavor. I need to find a big bag of these, stat.

uymunchMonster Munch Cheese Flavor
These have the exactly same texture as munchos but with cheddar cheese flavoring. It’s almost like a cheezit and munchos had a baby. The card says they’re “sour cream and cheddar” flavor but I detected no sour cream whatsoever, just crunchy cheddar. I devoured these in record time and the bag was gigantic.

uypapNatural Paprika Chips
Mmmmm sweetened BBQ chips. Very crunchy, light, airy and peppery. They taste a lot like Snyder’s brand BBQ chips but much less burning and much more sweet.

uywaferManner Lemon Wafers
Hands down my favorite item in the box is lemon scented wafers from Austria. Technically not German but a very welcome inclusion in general. I loved absolutely everything about these; unlike the wafers we get here in the States these literally started melting in your mouth almost instantly. The lemon flavor was there but it was sweet instead of tart, and it was like a never-ending glass of lemonade.

uyallThis is the first review box in a very long time that actually made me want to subscribe. The curation is spot on, the items were absolutely delicious and literally made you feel like you were in Germany with all the different goodies. I found so many new favorites with this box, and you get so much for a relatively small price tag.

Universal Yums currently has introductory pricing for their launch this December, the prices have been lowered to a flat rate of 10$ for the Yum Box, or 20$ for the Yum Yum Box. If you subscribe before December 1st you get the box featured in this posting for a discounted rate. The Yum Box contains fewer treats for a lower cost. I highly recommend this box especially if you’re in the market for a new snack box – you will not be disappointed.

*Beeju received this complementary box for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


16 thoughts on “Universal Yums – December Box Review

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  2. SO disappointed this one doesn’t ship to Canada. I’ve tried MunchPak but haven’t been the most impressed, looking at what was in this box I would have eaten every item!


  3. I want that hippo haha. It’s so round and shiny. 😛


  4. I really want to try the Kinder Happy Hippo and the Natural Paprika Chips! A cross between Nutella and peanut butter…sounds like a dream.


    • Haha seems like everyone loved that Kinder hippo, I just wish I coulda tried it 😛 The Paprika Chips were prolly my least favorite item but I’m just not a chippy type person lol


  5. I love this concept! I was considering getting a Japanese snack sub, but this offers much more variety. Have you tried Love With Food? That was in the running as well.


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