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TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts

So I’ve been absent the last two Thursday Thoughts and my reviews have been… well, missing. I have been asked what the bajezus is going on and the simple answer is that mid-terms is coming up and I’ve had to write huge papers in a very short time span. It has been suggested that I queue my reviews to publish later and that is an excellent idea – I’m just one to write my reviews on the fly while I have the product in front of me and many times it takes me hours to write said review, even if I have little to nothing to say. I think the shortest amount of time it’s taken me is probably an hour, even for the simplest review. I try to be as thorough as possible.

Anywho, I have 84 Memepoints sitting there doing nothing. I passed on the Thanksgiving boxes (I am not a smart woman), thinking they were both the same box and I am regretting it. If that shows up in a restock I WANT IT. There’s a new collaboration box coming out tomorrow and I have a strong suspicion that it’s 92% skincare so I may pass on it.

I just got the K-Style 4/MCW4 bundle and I am erring on the side of dislike because they literally took a mass amount of CutiePieMarzia boxes, deconstructed them, and pawned them off on those boxes. I do really like the colors I got in K-Style though so I am oddly optimistic. Idk how I feel about snail hand cream, though. My Lovely Boutique shipped yesterday too and I have a feeling the remainder of the CPM boxes may show up in that.

I got 144 sugar cookies in the mail and I paid 18$ for them. I have consumed no less than 15 so far.

Ulta Black Friday ad should be up tomorrow and I am EXCITES.

Oh and the Walmart beauty box should ship next week, just FYI

Reviews Coming Soon: Tinkerbell, 1UpBox, Birchbox, Ipsy, Universal Yums, like 42 Memeboxes because THEY JUST KEEP COMING
Boxes Coming Soon: Lip Monthly, FrenchBox, Okashi Connection, even more Memeboxes..


12 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Jill and I do that with our blog. Mostly because we don’t have time to blog every day but on some days, we have time to blog ALL DAY. So we write a bunch at once and then they are all scheduled to go out at 7am every M-F. Our initial goal was to just have a blog every day of the week but now we have so many they are going to have to start trickling into weekends, too. Not the worst thing. Question for you… where do you take your pictures? You seem to have great lighting. I was thinking about getting a light box from amazon because I constantly have random things in the background of my pictures (cats, other boxes) and I don’t like that. Doesn’t look professional. I also sometimes take pictures of things on a piece of white paper which isn’t the best either.


    • I have a slight (not slight) twinge of laziness when it comes to sitting down and doing several posts at once, because I get burned out on it very easily and the posts end up being pretty sloppy.

      As for my photos, I do have a lightbox but I don’t use it, and it was actually a huge waste of money. You can macguyver your own “light box” just by buying a large pad of white marker paper at pretty much any store that carries art pads, and setting it up directly under some overhead lighting. That’s what I do, I take all my box photos at my kitchen table with some marker board and a chandelier. Like this:

      The lighting on that is thanks to Instagram oof. Anywho, the board itself is leaning on a centerpiece (my cats knocked that one over, a frequent occurrence) and the bottom white paper is just a few sheets off the pad itself. It’s a high gloss paper so it’s slightly reflective and gives off a nice sheen when used with photos. As for editing all I normally do is just up the contrast though there are times that I have to up the brightness too. I just use my iphone to take photos too, they turn out fairly well when there’s nothing in the background to catch its attention.

      But yeah my setup costs maybe 5$ total, so it’s useful and cost effective, especially if you tend to spill things like pigments or drop mascara brushes like I do, just rip off another sheet and you good.


      • That is really smart. I am definitely going to invest in some big white paper. I can’t wait til our house is done and I will have so much more room (and ostensibly, better lighting).


        • You could also do it outdoors as long as you had a setup where the light was directly overhead. The chandeliers cut down on shadows because they don’t distribute light at an angle, ours is just a standard one so if its a fancy one that reflects light off crystals/danglies you may run into some issues with ghosting. I hope you have all the box room in the world 😀


  2. I agree with you on Memebox. I think it’s really a shame they don’t make new boxes and stock up on the old ones lately. I missed out on the Cleopatra box and it said they won’t restock it. Major pout. I bought the Tinkerbell box too, so I will do my own review of that as well 🙂

    Lovely blog you have, keep doing what you do! ^^


    • I just posted Tinkerbell, full on glitterbomb.

      I’m not too big on the skincare boxes so I don’t go for those that seem skincare heavy like that 3 box set did, Clepatra seemed lovely though, I hope it’s good! I hope they start releasing new boxes soon… total Memewithdrawal…

      Thank ye! 😀 May I ask for your blog url? Gravtar isn’t too helpful


      • I am not too big on skincare boxes either haha. I love all make-up boxes and am a lover of lipsticks. I hope they will still restock the Cleopatra box because it’s the one box I was actually looking forward to ^^; and the Empress box, but I managed to get that one.

        I received my Tinkerbell box last night so I will write my unboxing review on it soon.

        Sure! My blog is Fairlyseoul ( and I’ve literally just started 🙂 I created it last August but I wasn’t really happy with the reviews back then. I plan on doing mostly subscription boxes now 🙂 The Tinkerbell box will be my first unboxing post.


        • Lipsticks are wonderful! 😀 I hope they do a lot more restocks in general… the new collab box was mostly skincare so I avoided it but I do miss the influx of boxes. :< I love the layout you have going too, and we bought pretty much all the same boxes except for the cleopatra hah F/W natural looks wonderful so I hope it does disappoint!

          I'll be stalking your blog for awhile, looking forward to your reviews! 😀


          • They restocked for Black Friday but I missed the boxes I wanted again ^^; This should be a huge sign to Memebox that they really should restock more often.
            Thank you dearie ^^ I haven’t replied to your comment yet as threaded comments don’t recently work on my blog for some reason >< I am trying to get it fixed as soon as possible.


          • I hope they do, I managed to snag 3 boxes so I got really lucky. They restocked them late at night so most people missed them. They also sold out SUPER fast. I hope they do more restocks or release more boxes in general. I’ve only bought 3 boxes this month and they were on Friday :/

            I had a lot of issues with mine too when I started, most people wouldnt be alerted to me replying to their comments


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