Memebox – Cinderella Review

Princess boxes. I jumped on these boxes as soon as they were released and many a request pushed this particular box up to the front of the review queue. I think that Memebox’s intention with this box was to make you feel like Cinderella, though I doubt personally that Cinderella would be wearing hot pink lipstick. She’s classier than that. At least I’d hope she’d be classier than that. Girlfriend did marry a prince after all.


Memebox is a popular mostly-mystery Korean beauty box. The box itself is sourced directly from Korea and doesn’t always ship immediately with specific exceptions – some boxes ship shortly after release. Memebox hasn’t been releasing new boxes lately, my initial guess is an outcry over “TOO MANY BOXES” available at once and now the few boxes available don’t have themes that are “I MUST HAVE THIS” worthy. The quality of Memebox has become increasingly hit and miss too, but thankfully this box was excellently curated. Well, at least, it was the Makeup Edition box I always hoped for, and you lovelies know I love my makeup boxes.

memecard2 memecard12Each Memebox comes with an info card that details the item, it’s retail cost and usage. Since each item is sourced from Korea they may not always be in English. There was a slight controversy with this particular box. It came bundled in a set with The Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell and there is a fairly heated debate over which box was the best in the set. Personally I think this is the best one but most reviews I’ve read plus initial reaction leads more toward The Little Mermaid being the best, which I personally thought was the weakest of the three due to it being ridiculously skincare heavy. That review is coming up a little later.

memebbTonyMoly BCDation All Master
I’m about 92% sure this is a repeat item, though I couldn’t pinpoint which box (ironically I probably own that box too). It’s a multi-tasker in a fairly small sized bottle, the info card totes it as a BB Cream, CC Cream, Makeup Base, and Foundation all in one tube. It also moisturizes, lifts, plumps and smooths. I have not tried it but if the color of the cream/identity crisis hybrid is anything like the tube, it leans heavily toward a yellow twinge.

memeconMacQueen Concealer
Concealers make me happy. It’s the one product I do use religiously so having more as a backup is always welcome. This is a wild little dual ended product, one being an actual stick and the other is more of a gloss applicator. It’s also entirely too dark (sort of like this photo wth happened) for a concealer (swatches below).

memepinkEclaire Color Blast Matte Lip Cream
This is a waterproof lip cream. Holy hell is it EVER waterproof. I swatched it on my hand (swatch below) and there is still a streak of pink three days later. It’s also exceedingly bright and more of a shiny matte. It’s incredibly vivid too. I wish I had gotten the red option of this instead of this Barbie-esque homage, because the formula and pigmentation are solid.

mememasLadyKin At the Party Long & Perm Mascara
How does one use this… it has an odd ball applicator at the end with maybe half a centimeter’s worth of bristles otherwise. This seems incredibly irritating to use and I suspect its only inclusion is because of its name.

memecolorColor World Setting Powder
Setting powder is one of those things I use depending on the day and how I look in the mornings (basically it’s a product I should use constantly but don’t). This came in two colors, lavender and orange, and I wish I had gotten the orange. My skin runs warm toned and this purple is the right shade of zombie to completely clash.

memeblEclaire Color Blast Blusher – Santorini Coral
I love blushers. I do. It’s an item I have an extensive collection of for one reason or another. This blush really disappointed me though, the color is just lovely but it took around 10 swipes to get any sort of decent color buildup to where it’s even visible. It’s a matte finish blush, and is easily blendable but the fact I actually have to put effort into making it work sends it straight to the end of the blush pile. This item also came with the small blush tray and the actual palette which you inserted the blush into. I won’t comment on how much of a bitch that was to get into. :I

memehairAnis Double Act Curling Essence
I both love and am wary of this for a couple of reasons. The smell is very highly medicinal, it’s made with grapeseed oil but it smells more like you’re throwing basil on your hair, but I adore it as a smoothing cream. The instructions say to use it after towel drying on damp hair, and my hair was probably leaning more towards wet instead of damp when I tried it and I was seriously impressed at the results. It worked gorgeously as a smoothing cream, and made my hair very shiny. I don’t recommend using this on your scalp though, unless you enjoy the greasy look. A little goes a long way too, more than say, a dime sized drop will weigh thick hair down significantly. I haven’t used it to style yet but the individual results sans styling were quite nice. Memebox doesn’t send out too many hair care items.

memeswatchSwatches. Top: 1 swipe Eclaire Color Blast Matte Lipstick, Middle: 10 Swipes Eclaire Blusher, Bottom: 1 swipe concealer (gloss end)
memeallSo the only real complaint I have is the same complaint most people have about Memebox, the lack of color customization can be pretty detrimental at times. If I had gotten the other color options available that would have sent this box well up into the top 10 for me because I would have used everything almost immediately, except for that blush. That blush was disappointing across the board. The smoothing cream was the breakout star of this box for me.

As far as fitting a theme goes, I think this was very nicely curated for a night out though I felt it fell a little short as far as being “Princessy.” Etude House makes several Disney Princess themed cosmetics including a gorgeous Cinderella themed eyeshadow which would have been perfect for this box. Tinkerbell is my next review (warning: GLITTER), so expect that soon.

Memeboxes run the gamut from 15-32$ plus shipping. Use code C0VQ3P to save 5$ off 30$. We also keep a list of current boxes plus coupons on new boxes hereย  (except when they don’t release new boxes…).

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link.


6 thoughts on “Memebox – Cinderella Review

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  3. I got mine today, I love it all. About the blush, you did see an end of the compact pulls out to slip the pan in? Mine went in easily


  4. Neat review and the idea of a princess themed memebox is awesome. The lip cream seems like a product I would love to try ๐Ÿ™‚


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