Influenster VoxBox – Vaseline Box Review

The premise sounds wonderful – a lotion that promises to deliver intense healing to dry skin in just five short days. Not just any dry skin, mind you, the type of dry skin you should strongly consider seeing a dermatologist for. This lotion, unfortunately, fell quite short.


I’m just like any other girl, I get dry skin in Winter for one reason or another. Depending on your climate (I’m sure genetics also play a crucial factor), dry skin is as seasonal as Pumpkin Pie. When a product, especially a product that’s quite mundane in nature like lotions are, claims to be revolutionary or heal a very common, very annoying, problem in a relatively short amount of time, it’s only natural to question it. It’s also entirely natural to question the usage and validity of so many commas in one sentence.

This lotion is greasy. It’s oily. The formula is watery and it does not live up to its claim of “5 day healing.” It does do a few things well: it offers temporary relief that’s fairly substantial. It’s very quick to absorb. It isn’t fragrant. After 5 days of constant usage on my hands, the relief was temporary at best and left a lot to be desired.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t buy this again and I feel it’s very incorrectly marketed. Honestly it looks and feels as if they’ve repackaged one of their other, more common lotions. I could not recommend this product for any reasons, unless you’re looking for a perfectly adequate lotion. It is fine in that regard, just don’t expect it to leave long lasting relief.

I received this complimentary box as part of the Influenster program for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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