PopSugar Must Have – October 2014 Review

Sometimes things happen that we can’t control. Carbon dating, endless amounts of perfume samples, Christmas stuff appearing in September, Lifetime making terrible “feel good” movies about angels and miracles, and the October PopSugar box being unbearably late.

psopenPopSugar Must Have Box
39.95$ Per Month

psopenboxThis box has been plagued by shipping issues dating back to September when they unveiled a new website design, new boxes, and the fact they apparently only had 3 customer service workers (wth?). The shipping issues came at a terrible time as well, when they made the decision to put a very holiday specific item in their box, as you’ll see below.

pscardEach box comes with an info card. Not too much to say about this card, but this box tends to feature a mix of brands you’ve never heard of and brands you may have seen once or twice in your Birchbox or Ulta, annnnnd practical items and really random stuff.

pssocksHappy Socks
Funfact: I don’t wear socks. I need to wear socks. I like socks. I like these socks. Their retail price tag of 12$ doesn’t make me happy though.

pseyelinerButter London Eye Pencil
Ironically one of my favorite items is an item I get constantly, an eyeliner. This is absolutely gorgeous, a smokey, silky graphite color that goes on so beautifully. All makeup needs this type of texture.

pssoapK. Hall Designs Soap
It’s soap. Just a bar of heavy soap. Nothing to get excited about.

psframeIsaac Jacobs International Photo Frame
It’s a magnetic photo frame that’s ridiculously heavy. When I was taking these photos I actually dropped this on my foot because I lack hand-eye coordination. A move I strongly discourage you from doing. That being said, I’m not someone who uses photo frames, or takes photos actively.

pscandyDean & Deluca Pumpkin Spice Malt Balls
My only complaint about this little dessert is it tastes like you’re inhaling pure nutmeg. It is spiced exactly like you’d expect pumpkn spice to taste, but it was very heavy handed.

psnailartNailed Kit
Womp womp. Well, sorta. I don’t use nail wraps anyway so I wasn’t too bummed about getting a Halloween item in November, but I totally understand why other people were.

pscandleMine Design Chalkboard Candle
I really like this – I’m just starting to get into the “chalkboard everything” phase so I love that this is a multi-tasker. I really don’t like the scent though, it’s very strongly herbal.

psallThis review is undoubtedly short – there were so many things I was just meh about and so few things I was excited over. I loved that eyeliner and the candle and the rest will probably be gifted somehow. There are spoilers out for the November box already so here’s hoping that it actually gets here in a timely manner.

Well, PopSugar is 39.95$ per month and you can sign up by clicking here.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own.


6 thoughts on “PopSugar Must Have – October 2014 Review

  1. This box was like hit and miss for me. I loved the malt balls and the socks were comfy but the soap and nail decals were a miss =(.


  2. I love that Butter London eyeliner. The great thing about ordering and reviewing boxes is that you probably have a bunch of stocking stuffers ready to go for this holiday season, amirite?


  3. You felt pretty much how I did. I’ve been so unhappy the past few months that I canceled my box!

    xoxo Elyse


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