Memebox – K-Style 3 Review

memekstyleopenThe K-Style series is a semi-popular Memebox series that debuted alongside the My Cute Wishlist and OMG series, but is arguably the least popular of the three. I couldn’t tell you why other than critics have a compulsive need to hoard all the Korean skincare they can, sort of like a squirrel hording nuts for Winter (Okay I am also guilty of this, but you get the idea, this series isn’t as popular as its siblings).

Memebox is a popular Korean Beauty mystery box, each with a different theme or curated by a popular youtuber. Some of the boxes are “naked” meaning they have full product reveals, others are mystery boxes that ship weeks after their debut. Depending on the theme, the boxes can sell out within hours. This box lingered for a while, mostly because K-Style 2 wasn’t as impressive (I didn’t buy that one), and the general quality of the MCW/K-Style/OMG series seems to have taken a nosedive after box one. You can see the review of our K-Style 1 box here.

memekcard memekcard2Each box comes with an exceedingly clear, straight, Memecard which describes the items and their use. Since each box has items sourced and shipped directly from Korea, they aren’t always in English. Not that you wouldn’t know a lipstick is a lipstick but sometimes these items have questionable ingredients, like bee venom, or snail mucous, and it’s worth knowing what you’re putting on your face in case you have an unholy and totally rational fear of these creatures, like myself.

memekstyleVella Flower Flower B.B Cream
It’s a miracle cream in a tube! Or so the card suggests. This tiny little tube does the following things: moisturize, smooths dehydrated skin, makeup primer, color correct, and it also moonlights as a sunscreen. On Sundays it tapdances for children.

It’s a colored BB cream that tints like foundation, so it basically works like any other BB cream ever with the added benefit of giving you that “no makeup makeup” look.

Secret Kiss Face Fit Strobe Cream
This little tube is proof that Korea will put anything in their makeup, as this is made of flowers and gemstones. It, like the Vella, is also a multi-tasker. It is a primer, moisturizer, highlighter, color corrector, basically it’s a BB cream without being called a BB cream. The card suggests mixing the Strobe cream with the Vella BB cream in a 2:1 ratio, or using it as a standalone cream highlighter.

memeglossStyle Y Color Fit Creamy Lip & Cheek
Another multi-tasker! This is both a lip and cheek tint, it’s quite watery, with an unfortunate teardrop applicator with a hollow center. It’s also the exact shade of pink that would do Barbie and Barbie advocates proud.

memebrowTonyMoly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow
This has an applicator reminiscent of an eyeliner but it’s meant for coloring in eyebrows. The card states these will last up to 7 days too, which honestly I have to both agree and disagree with. I swatched it to see the color (it’s a warm toned light brown), and it took 3 days of intense scrubbing to get that swatch off my hand.  I don’t think this would last a full 7 days without significant fading (unless you magically don’t wash your face), but it does have impressive wear time.

memeshadowstickColor World Jewelish Stick Shadow
I really like this, it’s subtle, but packed full of shimmer and it goes on very light though you can build up the intensity. The only thing I don’t like is it’s a light mint green and my eyes are navy blue. There was two available options, this and a gorgeous purple color, so here’s hoping I can trade for it. I wish more shadows were this consistency too, it’s borderline perfect as far as cream shadows go.

memeshadowStyle Y Soft Fit Mix & Match Pencil and Powder Shadow – Brown and Peach
I both really love and really dislike this item for a couple of reasons. The liner part of this dual ended stick is a lovely, pigmented chocolate brown color with mild gold shimmer. The other end of this is a sponge that you dip in the embarrassingly small amount of eyeshadow and rub over your lid. It’s a cream shadow that’s almost reflective, but it’s a very wearable warm peach color. The sponge does not hold very much product and the opening of the shadow pot is too small for a regular brush. Does it work? Yes, but it takes a lot of frustration, work and heartache to get the look you want because the sponge runs out of product after a swipe. These colors are very complimentary though, they look lovely together.

memekstyleallSo this wasn’t my favorite K-Style box ever, I really loved K-Style 1, and I missed K-Style 2 and while this offering was alright for the most part it was still lacking. I felt like this needed one more item to send it over the edge as far as a memorable entry into the series went. Overall I did like the eyebrow tattoo, the dual ended pen (learning curve and all), and the eyeshadow stick, but I’ll especially love it once I trade it for the purple. That Barbie colored gloss is just way too bright for me (and most people) overall.

Memeboxes run the gamut from 15$ to 30$+ depending on theme and size. New boxes release every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and you’re sure to find a theme you’re into. We keep an updated list of codes and new boxes here.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. Affiliate link.

5 thoughts on “Memebox – K-Style 3 Review

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  2. I love your reviews! They always make me chuckle


  3. actually i thought the box was really quite reflective of k-style – clear bright face, tinted lips, neatly done brows… but i think you’re right, it does look like its missing something, like theres no oomph!

    the strobe cream looks interesting though! i wonder how it compares with MAC’s!


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