Okashi Connection – October 2014 Review

Candy, direct from Japan. Direct to your door. Direct to your mouth (I hope).

okashiallOkashi Connection
22$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Worldwide
Arrives mid-late month via USPS

Okashi Connection is a Japan based Japanese snack subscription service. They pack about a pound of snacks into each box and ship it worldwide. They often do a good mix of limited edition candy, savory snacks, and cult favorites. This month was more about the branded options, with several well known characters (well sorta, if you watch late night adult cartoons (not that kind of adult get yo mind outta the gutter and check yo priorities PSH)).

okashicard1Each box comes with an info card. They’re constantly changing these cards, and have reinstated the “go to the blog post for more info about the snacks” approach, where you can also communicate with other subscribers.

okashipuffFried Mochi
These taste like you’d expect fried mochi to taste, like grease. Grease with some sort of weird spicy seasoning. They were quite crunchy but left a pretty not pleasant aftertaste that rivals not brushing your teeth for a week.

Basically yeah, I wasn’t a fan. Perfectly fine, if there was an option without the seasoning, or perhaps fried in a flavorless oil (I’m going to guess they’re using something like sunflower or sesame).

okashistickPuchi Well-Done Cheese
I’m not quite brave enough to try this item. The only time I want “well-done cheese” is on my pizza. If I could guarentee it tasted somewhat reminiscent of a cheezit I would go for it, but these types of treats tend to be heavy handed on the spices. I have a trade going with a young lady from India and these are going to her. (spoiler alert?)

okashipuffsSaya Endou (Salty Peas)
I am not brave enough to try this item, and thus it goes to my Indian trade.

okashifujiKakigori Gummy
These are cotton candy flavored mini-mt. Fuji’s. They’re very sweet, with a jelly center and have a sugar sprinkle on top. Basically, they’re delicious and I want about 22 more bags of them.

okashieliseDisney Bourbon Elise: Banana and Chocolate Wafers
I can’t really tell which part of this treat is more off-putting, the wafer or the filling. The chocolate filling tastes just like pocky, and the treat itself is like chowing down on reverse pocky, but the banana has an artificial flavor to it, like laffy taffy does. The wafer tastes like a waffle cone. I think if these were just chocolate they’d be much more well received.

okashipieApple & Sweet Potato Pie Tarts
These are a shortbread like cookie with a jelly flavoring on top. It tastes just like a classic apple pie, though the gel consistency can be off putting and the cookie is a little dry on its own. Together though, these are magical. Wonderful little tarts and very Fall appropriate.

okashishinChocobi Choco
Heavily Shin-chan endorsed chocolate puffs. These taste just like cocoa puffs and I bet they would be really good in milk. Shin-chan is famous for being an adult cartoon full of profanity, but I haven’t seen it here in the States for a couple of years.

okashicaramelsChocoball Caramel
So these are… Attack on Titan endorsed caramel chocolate balls. They taste just like Rollo candies. I have zero idea why Armin is a penguin. I choose not to watch this show because hot damn it is bloody and violent. Now, if Armin was a penguin and the show was about Penguins getting killed by creepy tall as hell male creatures lacking genatalia, I just may be into that show.

okashiallThere were a few hits here, the chocoball caramels, cotton candy gummy, apple pies, and shin-chan puffs for sure – the rest was either a miss or going to India in a few days. Okashi Connection is always an excellent value even though you may not love everything, that’s just the risk you take with a mystery box. Some months are better than others and I’d call this one on the “not too memorable” end of the spectrum, but one of the things I do love about Okashi Connection is that they constantly introduce me to brands, flavors, and celebrity endorsements I didn’t know existed. Okashi Connection is also one of the few boxes that doesn’t make a habit of sending out repeats.

Also, Okashi Connection gives all subscribers the option to “upgrade” their boxes with extras too, usually it’s limited edition goodies, like special KitKats, for a low price. I usually don’t go for the extras unless I really like the item offered.

Okashi Connection is 22$ per month, and ships worldwide. They don’t offer any sort of tracking (that’s how they kept their costs low and competitive), but the boxes take about 2-3 weeks from shipment to reach the US. I highly recommend these guys if you have any sort of interest in Japanese Snacks, I’m just picky.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. No affiliate/referral link. 


3 thoughts on “Okashi Connection – October 2014 Review

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  2. YUM!! That looks like an awesome sub!!


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