Memebox – The Face Shop Review

The Face Shop is a well-known Korean Beauty Brand, known mostly for its use of natural ingredients and at times, adorable packaging. This is one of the few “brand” boxes that Memebox has been pushing out lately.

memebI know I rarely say this in my reviews but Memeboxes come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The Face Shop box was a small sized Memebox and contained 6 items.

Memebox is a series of one time mystery Korean beauty boxes. The boxes usually sell weeks in advance and are each themed differently. This particular box was full of items from the brand “The Face Shop.”

memecards2 memecards1Each box comes with an info card detailing the item, its retail value, and usage. Since the items are sourced directly from Korea they may not always be in English. I don’t suggest trying to read my photo of these cards unless you greatly enjoy eye damage.

memeshowerMilk Plus Calming Moisture Body Lotion
The card says lotion but the bottle clearly says cream shower gel, and honestly it has the consistency of a shower gel. Milk flavoring/scent is quite popular in Asian countries and it’s a bit difficult to describe, other than it’s very vanilla-y and creamy.

memefacecreamCalendula Eden Essential Moisture Cream
Woo a moisturizer! It smells like every other moisturizer in existence and feels like it too – except it’s very intensely hydrating but it doesn’t absorb quickly. It’s a perfectly nice moisturizer otherwise, though.

memefaceshadowLovely Me:ex You&Eyes 05 Sand Brown
Omg can’t they just name something normally? “THE FACE SHOP GLITTER SHADOW – SAND BROWN” would have been a much more simple name. This shadow is a glittery bronze that reflects light, the only caveat being that the package itself is SUPER TINY. Today is all night party mustache too.

memesweetsLovely Me:ex Mini Pet Hand Cream
These little flower pots of hand cream were one of the first Korean items I ever bought. You got the chance to get one of four different styles (I had the red panda originally), and this one smells very much like cotton meets fresh linen. What I love about these little things is that they absorb very fast, are non-greasy and super adorable to look at.

memeblushLovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher – Coral
This was a random option from one of five choices, each with different designs and color blushes. I got coral, and it’s not a natural color by any means but it’s adorable and that’s good enough for me. These blushes are not shimmery/glittery but are completely matte but very blendable.

memefacebalmLovely Me:ex Dessert Lip Balm – Orange Marmalade
CUUUTE. This came in one of three choices, orange, strawberry and honey, and I am SO glad I got orange. This smells just like a jar of orange jelly, and the lid opens to reveal a tiny honey wand. The lip balm is incredibly sticky, like, fuse your lips together sticky but it’s also ridiculously hydrating. If you can get past the stickiness, you’d love this balm.

memefaceallI both loved this box and felt it was lacking slightly – like it needed just one more item to drive the value up a little more. The Face Shop has a TON of products in anything you could possibly imagine so there were options. I’m thrilled with three really adorable things, two practical things and one tiny mustachioed shadow. This is the first Memebox in a really long time where I’ll actually use all of the items, too, which is a huge bonus for me and my wallet. People went berserk for the little lip balm so I’m thinking of picking up a couple as Christmas gifts.

Memeboxes run the gamut from 15$ to 30$+ depending on theme and size. New boxes release every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and you’re sure to find a theme you’re into. We keep an updated list of codes and new boxes here.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. Affiliate link.


4 thoughts on “Memebox – The Face Shop Review

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  3. I gave the lip balms to my little girl’s dance team for Halloween instead of candy. The kids were over the moon and enjoyed them way more than sweets.


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