Memebox – Makeup Edition 2 Review

Memebox has several different series of boxes but for the most part those are a mixture of skincare and makeup, usually with more emphasis on skincare. This particular series is a curated box of various makeup items.


Memebox is a series of one-time mystery Korean beauty boxes. The boxes often sell months in advance and since they are sourced and shipped directly from Korea, they take awhile to arrive. The Makeup Edition 1 box predates my relationship with Memebox, but seeing as I love the makeup side of Korea more than I do their skincare (with very specific exceptions) I jumped on this pretty quickly when it came in the bundle with Chocolate Mania.

memecard2 memecardEach Memebox comes with an info card, detailing the items, their usage and price. Since the items are sourced directly from Korea not everything is in English.

memeeyelinerShara Shara I Wanna Cat’s Eye Gel Liner – Black
I have tons of eyeliners so I don’t bother to open them anymore. I love the packaging on these types of liners too, with the brush being in the handle.

memebrowSkinFood Mineral Color Fix Brow Mascara – Mineral Brown
This had 4 different options which is pretty nifty for a brow mascara, though I wish I had gotten the Mineral Red so I could actually use it. If any of you have it and want to trade, hit me up.

memewhiteCover Queen Whitening BB Cream
Okay I can’t help but laugh at the name, “Cover Queen,” because it seems like it’s trying to outdo our American brand “CoverGirl” which to be fair is not hard to do in any way. This is a fairly neutral BB cream with the added benefit of smelling just like fresh berries. It blends well though it may be a hair too light. Usable though, perfectly usable.

memeeggLmyss Beauty Toc Gold Egg Vibration Puff
This is a golden egg tool, that vibrates and is used for blending BB creams and foundations. I can’t get my egg to work, which sounds very odd. I think the battery may be dead? I’m also really liking that Memebox has started putting various beauty tools in their boxes, especially since some of them are so unusual, cute and useful.

memelipplumperEtude House Woo Baby Lip Plumper
This smells like ultra concentrated peppermint… the good news is it works and tingles like crazy, while depositing a crazy about of glitter on your lips. Basically you look like an inflated craft project on Christmas.

memerevecenRevecen Perfect Star Powder
A lovely pearly pink eyeshadow that’s hyper pigmented and crazy shimmery. It’s literally reflective. Beautiful shadow overall though, and you could have gotten one of four shades. I almost wish I had gotten the red but I tend to gravitate toward pink shadows so this is lovely.

memelipglossSecret Kiss Sweet Glam Stick Glow
This has some crazy neat packaging. The top half of this gloss/stick is reflective and the product itself is may a bit too pigmented. It has a really irritating applicator, that’s a teardrop shape with a hole in the center, and proves for patchy application. This is a bright, shiny red color that’s super sticky when on but has gorgeous color payoff.

memeswatchSwatches. Two swipes of the Revecen, ONE swipe of the Secret Kiss gloss.

memeallMemebox has a couple of themes that are all makeup inclusive, this particular theme and the K-Style being the most prominent. Honestly, this series is much better curated and has more actual makeup items like shadows, lip products, etc, while K-Style is more prone to having creams. If I can get the egg to work that will drive this box right into the “I really dig this box” category. So far my favorite items are the Revecen shadow and the BB cream.

Memeboxes run the gamut from 15$ to 30$+ depending on theme and size. New boxes release every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and you’re sure to find a theme you’re into. This particular box is sold out but Makeup Edition 3 is still available.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. Affiliate link.



8 thoughts on “Memebox – Makeup Edition 2 Review

  1. WOW i don’t know what to say about that vibrating puff thing. I didn’t know that existed (for makeup 😛 )


    • Haha! I’ve gotten a ton of mixed comments on that (most of them go the “mind in the gutter” route), and I honestly didn’t know this weird egg existed either. Korean’s like all these weird gadgets so it shouldn’t be that surprising but .. yeah lol gold foundation egg. It’s also endorsed by some Korean boy band lol


  2. It’s a bummer that little gadget doesn’t work. I wonder if you contacted them if they would send you a replacement?


  3. “Basically you look like an inflated craft project on Christmas.” LOL! Well said!

    Great review. I keep meaning to try a box but it takes SO long to get to you…I’m too impatient lol.

    xoxo Elyse


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