Petit Vour – October 2014 Review

pvboxPetit Vour
15$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Late in Month via USPS

Petit Vour is an all natural, all vegan beauty box that tries out different themes each month but I’ve personally never been able to see such theme. All I see is SHEDDING SQUIGGLIES. The box is also a much darker shade of pink this month, before they were all a baby pink but I think it just varies. Each month you’ll get 3-5 items that are certified vegan. The only thing I don’t necessarily like about this box is that it ships ridiculously late in the month, and is usually the very last box to arrive.

pvcardEach box comes with an info card that describes the items, their retail price, and a random coupon at times. PV has a shop where you can get points for reviews sort of like Birchbox but with much less turnaround. The major downside is you have to wait for an email from PV before you can do the reviews. I stopped getting said e-mail after my first box, but I never reviewed anything for points anyway.

pvperfForager Botanicals – Natural Eau de Parfum – Nectar
When you’ve seen one perfume sample you’ve seen them all. It smells like honey and flowers and it isn’t unpleasant, in fact it’s quite muted and light, but it’s VERY much a Spring fragrance.

pvtonerS. W. Basics – Skincare Mini
There were several different options available as to what you could get in your box and I got a toner (if the bright pink label didn’t tip you off), and it smells like an apple tree growing at the beach, with a slight vinegar-esque afterscent (I’m making that a word and you can’t stop me). It works like any other toner but with the added benefit of smelling pretty nice.

pvbutterFlo + Theo Body Butter
Honestly the theme this month should have been “orchards at precarious places” because this smells like they bottled a lemon that had been growing on a mountaintop. I say that because it’s LEMONS like, punch you in the face LEMONS plus a “clean” scent, sort of like how mountain air dish detergent smells. It absorbed quickly but it was a little thicker than expected. The scent lingers too, so if you’re anti-LEMONS at all, you won’t like this.

pvpacifPacifica Devocean Natural Lipstick
This is a new item from Pacifica, and the one spoiler PV has put out in months, which was incredibly unusual. Honestly I’m not too big a fan of the Pacifica brand, but this is a perfectly lovely lipstick in a tube. It’s a muted mauve with some brown undertones, I’d call it “Grandma’s Curtains” in color. It feels much more like a lip balm and goes on quite well.

pvallAs much as I love Petit Vour (and I do), I have cancelled after this month. The novelty of the box fades after getting the same type of item repeatedly. Though, I strongly believe that this box has excellent curation as far as the brands of items go. It is certainly a “Feel Good Box” but a girl only needs so many body butters and perfume samples. I’ll probably pick PV back up in the future as it really is a lovely beauty box, but for now, I bid thee adieu.

Petit Vour is 15$ Per Month and you can sign up by clicking here.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own.


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