Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

  • I wanna go Christmas shopping. At the rate I’m going though, everyone I had planned on gifting this year is getting something from Memebox.
  • Speaking of Memebox, the new collaboration releases today and it looks to be a box of pink and red shimmery makeup items meaning I must have it so there goes my self-imposed memeban.
  • Popsugar is still no where to be found.
  • BlueVelveteen finally bit the dust. I’m a little sad for her to be honest. I loved the idea of having another 10$ beauty box out there but I think the pressure (plus the slew of complaints, cancellations and refunds) probably just got to her. If you’re reading this (I know she used to), I hope you’re okay.
  • I have settled on pizza for Thanksgiving. With just me, my mom and four cats, there’s no real point in making some huge feast. My mom tries to every year but I’d just as soon have cheese.
  • Broken Record alert: I’m behind on my reviews.
  • November is creeping up on me.

ETUDE HOUSE came out with the cutest hand creams ever and I would totally be okay with getting one for Christmas, or seeing it show up in the ETUDE HOUSE Memebox (but I highly doubt that will happen because Hell is still a flaming inferno).

etudeI’ve had a credit for Twice (a gently used clothing/purse store for high-end brands) for months and finally used it today.

happybirthdayyyyI paid 61 cents.

They have a promo going on where you can get 30% off any item (Code: CANDY30), and most of them are cheap anyway. Be sure to look at the photos, like, go super detail on them, because they will show any sort of wear and issues. This bag looked perfect though, and I am a big fan of Betsey bags.

Reviews Coming Soon: Petit Vour, Birchbox with the tiniest eyeliner in existence, Memebox x3…..6, 8.
Boxes Coming Soon: Memebox (shock shock), KitNipBox, PopSugar (mebbe?)

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Grrrr… why’d you have to tell me about Twice?! I just spent $50… BUT if you go quick today, it’s 40% off. I got two leather bags and a leather wallet. For $50.
    Have you ever sold stuff on there? I need to reduce my collection.


    • LOL I had a feeling you’d be the very one who would be into a place like Twice. That 40% off coupon is really enticing. I haven’t sold anything to them yet though I do have a couple of things.


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