Birchbox – October 2014 Review

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I like Birchbox. I do. We’re buds. Birchbox was one of my first subs and so far, is the only sub I’ve kept on a consistent basis for more than six months. Mostly for their points program. Actually, strictly for their points program. I stopped getting Birchboxes I was thrilled with that contained products I’d actually use a few months ago.

Totally irrelevant note but does anyone else type Bitchbox instead of Birchbox? I guess I gravitate more toward the word Bitch than I do Birch.

bbcardThere are around 50 (sometimes more) variations on Birchboxes per month. It kills me whenever a company says they don’t have time to do info cards, if Birchbox can make a card for 50+ different boxes PER MONTH, you lazy asses can make a card for your one box. Grr.

Anywho, it also came with a contest card. Roseanne is one of my favorite sitcoms. I love most 90s era sitcoms, actually.

bbkittModelCo Party Proof Lipstick – Kitten
A few months back Birchbox started allowing you to pick a sample, or a customized box. I opted for the sample and this was what came. I’m finding I really don’t like the ModelCo brand (if memory serves, it’s a UK Aussie brand that floods the stores sort of like Covergirl does here). This lipstick is “okay,” passable at best but ultimately forgettable.

bbperfHarvey Prince – Petaly Noir
I can’t remember if its Birchbox or ipsy but one of them asks whether or not you enjoy getting perfume samples. I think it’s time to casually switch that to no. I love Harvey Prince’s Hello, and that’s all I gotta say about that.

bbcleanDr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner
I’ve gotten this before though I could not tell you where, how long ago, or how that experience went. I don’t really have an issue with blackheads or pores so I’ll pass this off to a less fortunate soul.

bblotionBeeKind Body Lotion
Yawn. More products made from honey. Lotion. Standard subscription box product. Move on.

bblinerLord & Berry Eyeliner
Hello my name is Lord & Berry and I make eyeliner so tiny it should be illegal. This liner does nothing but frustrate me. I feel like if I dropped it while attempting application it would get lost in my eyelashes. Also, is anyone a palm reader? One fate reading plx.

bballSo this box was a moderately successful bust, all things considered. I’m sure these items are well loved by other members of the Birchbox community, but after getting so many boxes for so many months, I’m just tired of the same 42 lotions, the same exfoliaters, the same teeny eyeliners, the same perfume samples. However I do love Birchboxes points program so despite lack-luster months like this, the points program (10pts = 1$, each item is 10pts), does make it seem not so sucky.

Next month will be infinitely better, the pick for November was a customizable box or … some other stuff, honestly I don’t even remember because I picked the box in .2 seconds.

Birchbox is 10$ per month and you can sign up by clicking here.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. Referral link.


12 thoughts on “Birchbox – October 2014 Review

  1. I agree, Birchbox has an amazing points system! So far the only other sub box I have gotten is ipsy and unless I love my glambag this month, I am going to cancel. I am just too spoiled by the BB points system.


  2. I got the same box. I was displeased. However, I’m having issues getting my customization emails from them. 😦


  3. Modelco is aussie. Don’t mind, we don’t think much of it either. They started off amazing, but have started selling out and the product quality has gone down.


    • Eek I knew it was foreign to us here in the US, but I couldn’t remember the country. We have a couple of brands that have done that too. Loreal is buying up tons of the smaller companies in record speed, which is killing their quality. :/


  4. Great post. I never really felt the pull to join Birchbox and your post pretty much sums up why. Bitchbox on the other hand, I might really consider. A box full of goods that will cheer a girl up when she’s under stress or maybe just going through her time of the month. It should be filled up with something sweet, something shiny…I think I’m liking that idea more and more.


    • When I first joined I would get things like Stila lip pencils, beauty protector, nice shampoo samples (I dig hair stuff lol) but lately it’s been the same formula: eyeliner, lotion, perfume sample, moisturizer/exfoliator/face product.

      Gettin kinda old. Next month is gonna be better though, I can’t remember what I chose exactly but I knew I liked it, lol.


    • and Bitchbox would be a perfect time of the month box. 😉


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