Mini-Reviews – PetBox Snackbox, Target Beauty Box, Walmart Beauty Box

petboxsopWe do mini-reviews when we don’t have a ton to say about any particular box, so instead of clogging your feeds with three separate short posts, we make one moderately long post.

PetBox Snack Box
9.99$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships via FedEx

Click here to get 3 boxes for 3.32$

PetBox always struck me as one of those companies that was more focused on the dog side of the pet boxes and the cat side was an afterthought. The snack boxes are the new compared to the older, more expensive, mostly customizable pet boxes. Frankly, they’re not worth the 9.99$ per month, since all you get is a bag of treats or two.

petboxsop2Of course this month they sent catnip mice which effectively made all four of my demons sickly with hangovers. I got these mice once before from a PetBox I won in a contest (not reviewed), and had a similar result. This is the end of my 3 month snack box at their promotional price of 3.32$ per month (still available here) and I cancelled because the treats they were sending just weren’t favored by my cats, aside from the catnip mice. Sheri reviews the dog PetBox her blog, Pint-sized and Simple, they’re leagues better than the cat boxes, and her dogs are mighty adorable too! She’s nifty. I love her writing. PetBox is how I stalked found her blog originally.

targetTarget Beauty Box
7$  – Free Shipping!
Target has had beauty boxes in the past, though I was never able to score one. This box is still available is is only 7$ so it’s a pretty decent deal, considering the Loreal lip product with an identity crisis costs the same price as the box itself.


Laneige BB Cushion Sampler
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Loreal Elnett Satin Hair Spray
Fekkai Blowout Dry Shampoo
Loreal Lip Gloss/Stick/Hybrid in Nude Ballet (Colors May Vary)

Honestly I was most intrigued by the NYX item because I love that brand but I fully admit I bought this box for the novelty of it. It’s nice for the price but not particularly practical for me to use.

walmart2Walmart Beauty Box – “Old Version”
5$ A Quarter
There are two versions to the Walmart Beauty box that released awhile back, an “Old” and a “Young” version. We reviewed the “Young” version here. To get the young version, put in an age under 35. To get the old, over 35. You can get both boxes, I just put in the name of myself and my mother to get both.

This box contained:

Olay Regenerist Moisturizer
Clear Shampoo and Conditioner Samples
Juicy Couture Perfume Sample
Secret Clear Gel Deodorant
Loreal Moizturizer
Covergirl Lipstick in Iced Mauve (Colors May Vary)

I actually really like the lipstick. This is a recurring subscription that bills every quarter, and all you’re technically paying for is the shipping. It’s still available as of today, so sign up for what is literally a freebie. Woo.


Beeju paid for these boxes. All opinions are my own, no affiliate links.



4 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews – PetBox Snackbox, Target Beauty Box, Walmart Beauty Box

  1. I think I’m gonna change my age on my Walmart box to get the old version. I’m 32 anyway. I want the Olay stuff for sure.


  2. It seems like Secret is promoting the crap out of that deodorant. In addition to it being in the Walmart box, I’m getting one sent to me via BzzAgent and it was all over Shopkick a couple of weeks ago. Well at least I’ll smell fresh. I ended up cancelling my PetBox subscription too; it was a great deal but I got four bags of the exact same treat. The bigger boxes seem to have more variation but my pockets are dangerously empty and another $30 would ensure that I eat instant noodles and/or cardboard for the next five years 😦


    • When a company realllllly wants to shove a product down your throat they definitely will, sheesh. Kinda like that revlon mascara during the Summer, EVERYONE had that.

      I got two repeat treats which would have been fine if my guys liked it but they didn’t. Idk if they have just a lack of product or just generally don’t think people notice/care but the lack of curation really nuked this box :I For 30$ I’d rather get a box like PopSugar, there are cheaper pet boxes out there.


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