Ipsy – October 2014 Review

20141017_135823Get ready for the most unenthusiastic Ipsy review yet!

10$ Per Month – Free Shipping
Ships Early/Mid Month via USPS

20141017_135839While I’m not a fan of the mildly unpleasant odor, I do love the design of this month’s bag. It reminds me of bathroom tile, which I find strangely comforting. The teal color is really nice. I’d say this is my third favorite Ipsy bag.

20141017_135919ECRU New York Acacia Protein BB Cream Beauty Balm for Hair

Why does this need such a long name? This tube of hair goop (which came already half empty – yay!) basically claims to be magic in a bottle that can be used on damp or dry hair. It did absolutely nothing for me when I used it on my damp hair. It did a somewhat okay job of taming flyaways when I applied it to dry hair. It didn’t leave any residue, so I’ll probably use up the rest of the tube.

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

It smells terrible and didn’t leave my skin feeling nearly as nice as my normal cleanser does.

20141017_135936Figs & Rouge Hand Cream in Mango Mandarin

The Mango Mandarin scent from Bath & Body Works is one of my all-time favorites, so you can imagine how psyched I was to try this Figs & Rouge cream. This smells nothing like BBW’s scent. To be honest, it smells like orange jello when applied, something I am not fond of. However, once the cream sinks in the scent becomes much better. The packaging is absolutely adorable, and the formula is very moisturizing and non-greasy.

20141017_140040Jessie’s Girl Mineralized Baked Shadow Powder in Graphite Frost

I don’t wear eyeshadow. That being said, I really like this color. “Graphite” is the perfect name for this shade, as it looks like pencil smudges. Nice pencil smudges though! I always appreciate getting a full-sized makeup item.

noyah Lipstick in Deeply in Mauve

This lipstick frustrates me SO MUCH. The color is a beautiful highly pigmented mauve shade. The formula is one of the best I’ve tried. It’s super creamy, non-drying, doesn’t smear, and lasts forever. So why am I annoyed? Well, the scent is…less than appealing. Mainly I just hate that this is the TINIEST SAMPLE EVER. With the formula being so thick, I feel like I’ll go through this is just a few uses. Also the packaging feels really flimsy. Seriously Ipsy, I love this stuff, why couldn’t you send me more? I just can’t bring myself to spend that much money on a lipstick that smells like despair.

20141017_140648noyah & Jessie’s Girl

20141017_140832I don’t know, I feel like this month’s bag was just..meh. I liked the bag and the lipstick, but the rest of it was either useless to me or just mediocre. I think last month’s bag was waaaay better. How about some nail polish for once, Ipsy?


Speaking of polish…

Yo it’s Beeju – since D Lys and I both subscribe to ipsy we combine our review posts. We managed to only get one similar item this month too, which was pretty nifty. I currently get two bags for no specific reason whatsoever.

ipsycreamFigs & Rouge Hand Cream
I managed to luck out and get both scents this month, but I was also exceedingly unlucky because I do not like this hand lotion in any form. :/ I found is greasy and not very moisturizing. While it does smell nice, there are much better lotions out there.

ipsyhighlightDoll 10 H2Glo Cream Highlighter – Champagne
I love highlighters. They’re one of the staples of my makeup routine so I don’t look like a zombie on a daily basis, but this.. falls short. It’s a cream highlighter that has absolutely no color payoff whatsoever.

ipsyskynEpice Purifying Exfoliator
This is literally the least exciting item I’ve ever gotten from an ipsy bag and that’s being generous. To the abyss with you.

Skyn Iceland Mini Facial Cleaning Cloths
I’m happy to have these actually, I’m bad to go through these cloths in record time and I always forget to get them. They smell like mint but its thankfully not overpowering.

ipsyopiNicole by O.P.I. – Sweet Cherry
This is such a beautiful deep cherry color that it appears black in the bottle. The rim shows the actual color when applied, I’m just sad that I don’t have a swatch to show you. This is a beautiful color for Fall, too.

ipsymasModelCo Volume Eyes Mascara
This was the one repeat item I had this month, and it’s a perfectly adequate mascara but I don’t know that I needed two of them. Not that I can control that, of course.

ipsylipStarLooks – The tiniest lip gloss ever – Guilty Pleasure
StarLooks has its own subscription box of its own products, for 15$ a month, so this is intended on being a promotional item. This is a super shiny mauvey-nude color, but it’s quite sticky.

City Color Be Matte Lipstick – Cappucino
Lip Monthly has ruined any sort of relationship I want to have with this line of cosmetics, so MERRY CHRISTMAS WHOEVER GETS THIS.

ipsyallI loved a lot of things about this bag, especially the bag itself because it reminds me of tetris, the OPI and the cleaning cloths. I’m pretty happy with my ipsy this month even though it may not seem like it; only two items were busts and one wasn’t even ipsy’s fault.

Well ipsy is 10$ per month and you can sign up by clicking here.

D Lys and Beeju paid for their subscriptions. All opinions are our own.


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