Taste Trunk – Sweet Trunk October 2014 Review

Forgive me lovelies, I’m just coming off of a 3-day long sugar bender thanks to this box so I am probably incoherent. (More than usual, I bet I edited that MCW3 post 6 times because what is grammar)

ttTaste Trunk
35$ Per Month
Ships mid-late Month via USPS

ttopenTaste Trunk is a monthly subscription of either sweets, gourmet yummies, bbq, or healthy. I signed up two months ago after seeing many a review, because this box reminded me a lot of an “upgraded Orange Glad.” The boxes are mostly random too; you may not get the same items in your sweet trunk that I got in my trunk. This is a pricey sub too – that lovely trunk-esque packaging costs a pretty penny. They also 2-day each box (once it actually moves) so you’re paying a good chunk for the shipping too. Basically it’s expensive. It’s one of the pricier food-based subscriptions.

ttcardsEach box comes with a series of info cards, sometimes they have recipes but these didn’t. It depends on the items they send each month; this particular set describes the company and/or the item you get.

ttcookieRustic Bakery – Meyer Lemon Shortbread Cookies
I like lemons. I like shortbread. I do not like them in this unholy concoction. I had no idea you could make an inherently sweet shortbread cookie sour but THEY DID IT. I passed these off fairly quickly to someone with less finicky taste buds.

ttmallowsSweet & Sarah Vegan Toasted Coconut Marshmallows
These taste like nothing and coconut. Quite disappointing to be honest, though I was thrilled that I got a full tub of them. The info card says these are vanilla flavored and rolled in toasted coconut, but honestly I can only taste coconut. Literally, it’s like I’m chewing on coconut flavored air.

ttbarSeattle Chocolates – Dead Sea Salt Truffle Bar
Truthfully I am not one who enjoys toffee, I find it has just the right amount of stickiness to annoy me into brushing my teeth instantly. In this bar, though, the toffee flavor is muted for what has to be some of the best chocolate you will ever eat in your lifetime. It’s such a rich milk chocolate with a hint of salt, this was just the perfect bar. More.

ttmacaPoppies Coconut Macaroon
Coconut. The word of the day is coconut. That’s also all you’ll taste in these treats (are they considered cookies?) toasted coconut, non-toasted coconut, and maybe the slightest, tiniest, most miniscule taste of chocolate you’ll ever find. These also had no possible way to repackage them after opening, so they dried out fairly quickly. Were they good? They ‘aight, if you like coconuts.

ttshortClairesquares – Dark Chocolate Shortbread Squares
My tastebuds have never been so confused by a confection. This had a weird texture, and an even odder taste. I honestly can’t describe it, other than one of these bars was so rich that I could only consume half of it before my body issued rebellion. This one tiny package of squares (one square is the size of your palm) also weighs about a pound, which is ridiculous on its own. Tiny confusing square, you sound good in theory but fail miserably in execution.

ttsnootyTwo Snooty Chefs – Mocha Mole’ Chocolate Bar
There was no info card for this, so I assume it was an extra item. The only comment I have about this bar upon trying it is Mocha and Mole’ and Chocolate is an abomination and a literal physical manifestation of sin and I will not have it anywhere within my vicinity.

ttallThis box looked delicious. It looked much more pleasing than last months box. It had a lot of goodies that in theory I should love. I love shortbread, macaroons, cookies, chocolate, marshmallows. I do. I don’t like them in these iterations though, with the sole exception of the Seattle’s Chocolates, this trunk was a giant disappointment. I’m sure they’re perfectly fine for other people, though.

Sooo, if interested, Taste Trunk is 35$ per month and you can change trunks at anytime.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. I will be lamenting in the corner with my coconut air.




4 thoughts on “Taste Trunk – Sweet Trunk October 2014 Review

  1. Haha so good. I mean, everything sounds awful, but your review was delightful!


  2. OMG this post seriously made me drool LOL I want all of those in my mouth.


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