Memebox – My Cute Wishlist 3 Review

This box is a grim reminder that Korea and I have very different views when it comes to cute…


So the My Cute Wishlist series, it grew to tremendous fame literally overnight with it’s first iteration selling out in an hour or less, which then spawned the much less successful My Cute Wishlist 2, then this version, and it’s 4th version, and the multitude of spin offs. Basically Memebox learned one thing, cute sells. One thing Memebox hasn’t learned is that everyone has a different definition of cute, and so far, nothing has topped the first Cute Wishlist.

I am a sucker for the cute boxes because I love novelty items. Seriously, an item can be complete and utter crap but if it’s cute that somehow validates it. This box ventured way more into the “THIS IS DAMN CREEPY” range though, with one.. particular item.

mcecard2 mcecard

Each box comes with an info card. If you’re a repeat reader, let’s just pretend these photos were always here.

mcwcheekTonyMoly Red Cheeks Girl’s Patch
This is literally a hydrating patch you place on your cheeks if they’re dry, and it’s intended to deliver intense hydration. It’s… kinda cute, I guess. I don’t dislike it but I’ve never had any sort of issue with cheek dehydration so this will also probably never be used.

mcwbalmHope Girl Tinted Lip Balm – Hot Cherry
Womp womp… repeat item. I can’t for the life of me remember what box I got this in previously (it was recent, that is literally all I remember), but yeah. It smells like strawberry poptarts. I wouldn’t call it cute as much as I’d call it “girly.”

The weird dots are from the chandelier above me, she doesn't have an STD or anything

The weird dots are from the chandelier above my photo taking area

Shara Shara Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub
I know so many people are getting sick of Shara Shara products, they’re constantly in Memebox. This smells deliciously of brown sugar, and feels soothing. This is … sorta cute.

mcwbal2Youngwoosa Oh! It’s Love and Soft Cream
I kinda find this to be much more creepy than cute… it smells like any other hydrating cream, and it’s soothing. Idk, it’s okay not spectacular and there are definitely better creams out there. There are also less creepy creams out there.

mcwcleanserddung Family Foam Cleansing Cream
Is it cute? Yeah. I think so. I do not like this item otherwise though, it’s just… a sticky mess, it’s a thick cream that feels like you need to both apply and scrape it off with a spatula. Just no.

mcwsunShara Shara Fairy’s Makeup Synergy Sun Cream
This is a sun screen. A very, creepy, soul-staring, beady eyed sunscreen. IT WILL BE STUFFED INTO A DRAWER AND/OR GIFTED BECAUSE NO

mcwallWas this as successful as other Memeboxes? I’d say it’s about average. It’s a perfectly fine Memebox though it’s not nearly as successful as it’s cute wishlist predecessors, or cute box predecessors in general. Parts of this were cute, parts of it were super ridiculously creepy, and parts were just “You’re not even trying.”

Either way I still ordered about 4 other boxes in the “cute” category because I have zero self-control when it comes to Memebox.

Welp, if interested Memebox is a series of themed K-Beauty boxes that are sourced and shipped directly from Korea. We post every new box plus coupon codes here for easy access. They often sell boxes months in advance so there is a bit of a waiting game when it comes to Memebox.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own.


10 thoughts on “Memebox – My Cute Wishlist 3 Review

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  3. I think it’s the foam cleansing cream that creeps me out the most from this box. That baby’s (or doll’s?) face is so unexplainably droopy. You know what is sad? Korea (and Japan) have really awesome cute items, which I typically prefer over Western ideals of “cute.” However, this box did not capture any of it…it’s like they just stuck stuff in there that didn’t sell well, which isn’t supposed to be the point of the box, is it? It looks like it’s something that came out of the Bargain Basement or something.


    • They had such a golden opportunity to make this series some of the best since there are literally companies devoted to cute packaging (TonyMoly, The Face Shop, some of Etude House, etc), but it just… idk whoever curated this box and the last one either has a skewed idea of “universally cute” or just threw stuff in the box and called it a day. It does seem like bargain basement items. Nothing in this box was particularly thrilling. :/


  4. I think not getting the creepy sunscreen more than makes up for not getting this box. I’d be afraid it’ll waddle its way out of the drawer at night and BAM! greet me on my bathroom sink in the morning. *shiver* And you’re talking about the Sweet Shop box! I still have my cherry tint. Still unopened. I’m still deciding whether sniffing strawberry poptarts are worth keeping it around.


  5. I think I might be the only person that isn’t horrified by that sunscreen top… I mostly feel bad for it, like when you see a three legged cat lol. It can’t help how weird it looks, poor thing.

    On the other hand, that fairy’s perfume nail polish I got a few boxes back is still the creepiest child gravestone lookalike I’ve ever seen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAH I just died laughing… I never noticed the nail polish looked like a gravestone but it totally does. That would have been a perfect inclusion in the Halloween box.

      The sunscreen would probably be much more viewable if it were the same color as that gravestone, but it would have upped the creep factor considerably. I think it looks just fine without the topper, though. Cute, even.


  6. Omg this should have been the Halloween box instead because that sunscreen will now haunt my dreams…


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