Memebox – Halloween Special Box Giveaway!

halloI’ll keep this short and sweet – I bought this box back in September because Memebox is a vile temptress at times, and was unfortunately pretty disappointed. It’s a good thing though, because it means that you get a chance to win the entire box! πŸ˜€


  • REVECEN Face Control Foundation – White
  • REVECEN Cake Eyeliner – Black
  • REVECEN Supra Lining Color – Purple
  • REVECEN Eye Lashes – No. 7 (glitter lashes)
  • REVECEN Liquid Lipstick – Blood
  • Elizavecca Lip Tattoo
  • LALANC Real Tattoo

All items are new and unopened, untested, etc. I just took the two that were in boxes out of said boxes for photo purposes. What you see is what you get. Literally. It does come with the original box and info card (not pictured).

This giveaway is open to the United States only, because I’m covering the shipping cost myself and even to ship the tiniest thing to Canada is like 30$. Sheesh. Giveaway starts now and ends on 10/27. I’m shipping it 2-day so you’ll have it by Halloween, assuming the winner gets back to me with their address in a timely manner.

You can get up to 20 entries per day by tweeting and just hitting a button, so come back daily.

>>>>Click here to enter!<<<<


Disclosure: This giveaway is run and sponsored by BeejuBoxes. Beeju assumes all shipping costs. Giveaway ends 10/27, void where prohibited. Memebox is not affiliated with this giveaway and assumes no responsibility for anything.

36 thoughts on “Memebox – Halloween Special Box Giveaway!

  1. I totally want to win. How funny would it be if my first memebox was actually from you. Haha.


  2. I have not tried their boxes yet.


  3. I’ve never had a Meme box but would love to try it out!


  4. I guess not, not sure what a Memeaddict is.


  5. I am subscribed to their mailing list but i haven’t had a chance to try out any boxes yet… But i want to sooooo bad!!


  6. SUCH A MEMEADDICT! I love Memebox but there has been a few bombs…I’m looking at you Thumbs Up box! πŸ‘€πŸ‘Ž


  7. I was disappointed, too. (Mine came today). I thought it would be a bit more whimsical (think Effie Trinket). They should have called it the Goth Box.


    • That would have definitely been a much more appropriate name for this box. It seems like it was hastily thrown together at the last second, like with no real thought. Shame because this box had soooo much potential. :/


  8. wow this looks like a REVECEN box rather than a themed box! so glad that i didnt cave and buy this…


  9. I ordered 2 memeboxes last month but they still havent come yet -____-


  10. I got my first memebox yesterday! The Lisa pullano collaboration… I think I’m addicted!


  11. Yes and I haven’t even received my first box lol. I have two on the way. Thanks for th Giveaway


  12. I’m not an addict(yet!) but I’ve ordered 2 so far.


  13. I have never tried a Meme box…but I’d definitely love to make this giveaway my first experience with one. πŸ™‚


  14. Hell yeah I’m a memeaddict!


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