1UpBox – October 2014 Review

14.52$ Per Month
Ships Late in Month via USPS

1upopen1UpBox is one of the newest offerings in the ever expanding Geek & Gamer subscription box market, and so far, it’s one of the cheapest, coming in at a confusing 14.52$ per month. I don’t know why they just don’t round down to 14.50 or up to 15$ but to each his own, I suppose. I believe this is 1UpBox’s 3rd box.

1upcardEach box comes with an info card, this one is folding and the theme for the month is “Phantom.” Each box also comes with a t-shirt, ranging in size from S to 2XL for both men and women (fair warning, they run very small).

1upbackBoo Poster
The info card also served as an item, it’s Boo from the Super Mario series in poster form. I love this little guy. He’s always been one of my favorite characters from the Super Mario games. I always secretly hoped he would eat Peach too, but alas he apparently has no desire for bland, tasteless women.  And with that statement, I just alienated about 35% of my gamerbase. Viva la Daisy.

1upzombieZombie Outbreak Response Unit Backpack
This is crazy large, it’s apparently inspired by Daryl Dixon, and I have zero idea who that is. I use these things for craft storage when I get them (drawstring bags are pretty common in sub boxes) so it’s not like this won’t be used.

1upbooBoo Plushie
I love plushies. I’m 28 years old, but I love plushies. Especially collectable ones, and this little guy is pretty nifty. It’s not a constant thing but 1UpBox has sent a different plushie each month so far (last month was Jake from Adventure Time). I wish that they would have sent a Boo plushie doing his iconic “hiding his face because he’s uber shy” pose, but this is just as good.

1upshirtGlow in the Dark Avengers Trick-or-Treaters Shirt
The card says this shirt is “Zombies by Day, Phantoms by Night,” so these are technically zombies dressed as the avengers. Either way this glows in the dark. The only issue I have with this shirt is it is TINY. I ordered a woman’s 2XL because for some reason every single clothing company in existence has to have a different size chart for what should be a universal size, and I sincerely doubt this would fit a chubby child. I gave it to my Avengers loving cousin who runs a Small/Medium in Juniors sizes and it was only slightly baggy on her, so take that into consideration if you order a box. Each box comes with a shirt and there is no opting-out, but they’re very well made and would make excellent gifts, assuming you know someone with the right size waist. I assume the Men’s versions are larger, so I’ll be switching to the Men’s for next month to see how they run. You can update your sizing at anytime in your profile, which is nifty.

1upextrasMUNCHA YO BUNS Magnet
Is it weird to love a magnet? I love a magnet. I put this on my fridge and it scared the ever living hell out of my elderly mother so I deem it a success. I fully intend on using this phrase at work in some capacity as well.

Exclusive Pin & Poprocks
Fun extras, the pin is collectable and is “Thor” technically. The poprocks cause yeah, Halloween.


1upallI liked almost everything in this box, besides the shirt being unusable to me for the moment. I felt it was well curated and the variety of items you get for relatively little money was pretty nice too. I’d been looking for a geek and gamer box to subscribe to for awhile but had passed on Nerd Block and Loot Crate because they seem to lean more sci-fi, and Nerd Block’s Arcade Block is a bit out of my price range for the moment. For 14.52$ (srsly wtf pricing) tho, I’ll gladly gamble with 1UpBox, as long as they keep up the gamer items. MUNCHA YO BUNS.

If interested, 1UpBox is 14.52$ per month and you can sign up by clicking here.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own.





23 thoughts on “1UpBox – October 2014 Review

  1. This is neat but also reminds me of the free stuff we get at work all the time. Not in a bad way– I work at GameStop HQ so this makes sense. We usually end up with random Merch swag that the stores don’t end up using.


  2. Okay. I’m back. Lol! I am sooooo getting the 6-month plan for my birthday! $78!? Yeah that’s so mine LOL!


  3. Mine! Mine! Miiiiine! Petit vour might have to go LOL! No, but seriously, this is going to the TOP of my birthday list. I must have this IMMEDIATELY! I am running off to go scheme… it shall be mine! Wantttttt ittttt gahhhhhhh!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. LOVE That shirt!!! Omg another box i need LOL


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