FrenchBox – October 2014 Review

24$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Mid-Month via USPS

FrenchBox is still technically new by subscription box standards, and their October offering is their second box overall. They made a huge splash with their introductory box because of the gorgeous packaging, nice curation and variety of items. This box felt like it was curated by seasoned pros. The October box is no exception.

fbopenI dig all things French. I can’t help it. From their bread to their (allegedly) snooty countrymen, I dig it. I also collect Eiffel towers. All the items in FrenchBox are intended to be items sourced and/or made in France.

fbcardEach FrenchBox comes with an info card. There are typically two variations on boxes, sometimes they’re only slightly different and other times they’re vastly different. This month, the variations were drifting in that vastly different category.

fbrecEach box also comes with a collectable postcard (each card says which box it is from) and a recipe card. This month it was Provencal Dips. If you want the recipe, let me know, since I know that’s very difficult to read.

fbbookRounding out the last of the paper products this month is an unlined paper booklet. The pages are very thin, almost like tracing paper, so if you use anything other than a pencil or a ballpoint pen you’re going to have some bleeding. If I had to guess, this is for quick sketching. The paper is a bit waxy for that though, but maybe that’s how they kick it in France. Idk.

fbperfumeAtelier Cologne – 3$
I think this may have leaked because HOLY CHEESEBALLS THERE IS A STRONG SCENT COMING FROM THIS BAG. I didn’t open it because if it’s that strong 10 feet away, I can’t even imagine the assault my nose would face. I’ll pass this off on someone who wears perfume much more often than I do…

fbsoapDurance – Marseille Soap – 7.90$
This is a really pretty soap that smells mildly of figs. It’s a fairly substantial little bar too. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, because I am a bath and body works loyalist, but I will probably put it in a gift basket this Christmas. I can see it now, “OMG SOAP. I ALWAYS WANTED SOAP.”

fbherbsLe Panier Francais – 7$
Woo! Herbs! Herbs are honestly not a part of Southern cooking, we’re pretty into bland, colorless food here. I’ve never cooked with herbs either, though I’m not opposed to the idea. I handed these off to my mother who literally said, “What do I do with these?” You use these for those recipe cards I posted earlier too.

fbcandiesCouleur Calisson – 3$
A French mini-pastry type candy that’s made with almonds. May as well say “MADE WITH BEEJU REPELLANT.” Damn this nut allergy.

fbbrushMatis Powder Brush – 15.50$
I love getting tools in subscription boxes because that’s one extra tool I didn’t have to buy ;D This brush is a little more stiff than I like for applying things like powder foundation, but it has nice hold and applicative power.

fbtowelOshibori Refreshing Towels – 5$
I didn’t open these because I’m not sure if they’re reusable, and they’re a practical item good for a hot Summer day. They’re infused with green tea and smell really good through the plastic.

fbmasSothys Mascara
This was an unlisted extra, those who got the other box got a blush. I find that I’m really disliking the scents of Sothys makeup products, they smell very chemically treated. I kinda wish I had gotten the blush, I have about 4 open mascaras and endless amounts more waiting in the wings. :/

fballThis was an interesting box to say the least, I’m not 100% sure that I am totally in love with it, but I do definitely like it. A lot of it for me is the sheer mystery of it, you get a lot of things for 24$ a month, and those things are totally random and non-category specific. I don’t quite have a favorite item this month, nor do I have an item I have any sort of outright disdain for so that’s a plus.

If interested, FrenchBox is 24$ per month. Get 10$ off by using code THZ1JYYQ87.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own.


6 thoughts on “FrenchBox – October 2014 Review

  1. Poor Beeju repellant. Almonds are so good. Maybe you could use the brush for blending versus application? Maybe that would loosen the bristles a bit?


  2. Oh, dear. Beth! Why did you show me this? I’m a Francophile….and, you showed me this?! Now what is a girl to do? ;o)


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