Memebox – Beauty Splurge with Lisa M. Pullano Review

This is a special edition Memebox, where they randomly choose a well known youtuber to curate a box with their “picks.”

memelisaboxThey also come with limited edition packaging making the boxes “collectable,” I guess if there was such a person that collected the boxes themselves. I totally do that.

memelisaopenEvery couple weeks Memebox releases a “collaboration box,” which is a box curated by a person of their choosing, though so far they’ve been fairly popular youtube vloggers. Personally I’ve never heard of Lisa Pullano though I have heard of Memebox’s other collaborator, Marzia. I’m not one to watch youtube unboxings/videos/vloggers/whathaveyou except for select ones, idk I just prefer regular text or something.

Since I’ve not watched Lisa, I have zero idea of her knowledge of K-beauty; I know that Marzia got a lot of backlash for her second collaboration box because of the video she did to advertise it. One thing I particularly like about the collaboration boxes is that they’re “naked,” meaning the contents are revealed at the expense of having fewer boxes stocked (except for the Marzia box which had some 5k in stock when it debuted). Collaboration boxes tend to sell out very quickly depending on the items inside. The downside is that sometimes these items are repeat items from previous boxes.

memelisacard2 memelisacardThe info card in this box is a little different, it’s a folding card that has an image of Lisa. The info cards detail the item, their price and the possibility of the colors/scents you could get. Memebox sources and ships all of their items from Korea and not everything is in English.

memelisaporeLailly 36.5 Steam Pore Pack – 34$
This remains sealed because it’s being shipped to D Lys. I am clearly the most thorough blogger ever as that is the only descriptor you’re getting about this item. #bloggeroftheyear

memeliselinaTosowoong Makeon Mermaid Waterproof Gel Liner – Sun Blonde – 11$
This is a repeat item from the Colorbox #2 Orange (my first Memebox #MEMORIES), though in a different color. It’s beautifully creamy though it smudges slightly – it’s filled with gold glitters and shimmer. This is much more of a golden yellow than an orange.

memelisastickHope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick – Soft Lavender – 22$
A lot of Memeaddicts tend to greatly dislike Hope Girl products simply because of overexposure. These tend to be in every other Memebox in some form. This lipstick/balm has a metal casing and the color of the lipstick/balm hybrid is perfect for Fall. It’s a fuchsia leaning plum color. What I love about this is the texture, it’s very creamy and not at all patchy. It goes on like a lip balm while having the color payoff of a lipstick.

memelisapolishL.Vida Nail Polish – Milk Choco – 6$
This is another item that may be venturing into the “overexposure” category; the L.Vida polishes are no stranger to Memebox. The bottle itself comes with a rose hair tie but I completely underestimated the size of that tie, as it’s large enough to use as a pinky ring but that’s about it. The color is literally the same color as chocolate milk. If I had one minor complaint, its that this smells much stronger than regular nail polish does.

memelisabanaainsobeau Ultra Skin Power Z Cream – 46$
I admit it. I am one of those people who avoids a new Memebox if it has excessive skincare items (do you really need 10 different types of toner?), and being that this was a naked box, I went into it knowing this item was apart of it and being certain that it would be gifted. I was wrong about this magic bottle in so many ways. It smells, feels and looks like they just bottled lemon meringue pie. It moisturizes beautifully albeit leans a bit on the greasy side but I love the glowy effect it gives my skin afterwards. Finally I can get away with slathering my face with lemon pie and not be judged.

memelismacaronIt’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm – Pineapple – 10.50$
This is one of the reasons I bought this box, and even then it was just for the novelty (it’s shaped like a macaron in case my photo told you nothing). This has no scent whatsoever despite being marketed as a “strongly scented pineapple,” but is it quite hydrating. It’s a pretty average lip balm, all things considered. At least it’s cute. This item was randomly chosen between strawberry, green apple, pineapple, grape and love chocolate. Yeah, love chocolate.

memelisablushIt’s Skin Babyface Petit Blusher – Sweet Peach – 11$
This was the other reason I bought this box, because clearly after 7 months of active subscription box blogging I don’t have nearly enough blushes, but I wanted this simply for the cute factor. I’m also thrilled I got the peachy apricot color out of the 4 available. This has no shimmer whatsoever and it can be quite overbearing in terms of vividness. Obviously it’s not natural looking either, but it’s adorable, tiny, and wildly pigmented and that’s good enough for me.

memelisaallSo yeah this box had a couple repeat items, the nail polish, tosowoong eyeliner and hope girl lipstick have all been in previous boxes. I wasn’t as thrilled with this collaboration box was I was with the first Marzia box (which I missed), and it may not be my favorite box in the future. Either way there were a couple of items in this box that surprised me, the insobeau especially, and the hope girl lipstick/balm.

Welp anyway, Memebox is a Korean beauty box that releases new boxes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and each box is themed. Memebox does have some new collaboration boxes scheduled for release this month. Memeboxes always take months to arrive because they ship directly from Korea, unless you get a express shipping bundle.

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Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link.


5 thoughts on “Memebox – Beauty Splurge with Lisa M. Pullano Review

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  2. I passed on this one even though I really wanted the polish. The color looks so nice for fall! And the pore pack looks great too.


  3. I cannot wait for my own memeboxes! One of them is on a boat. Maybe a plane. Maybe even a train. I don’t really know how mail comes here from Korea but I’m excited. Macaron Chapstick is adorrrrable.


    • It depends on what shipping method you chose, if it’s express they’ll arrive via DHL if its in your area, otherwise they drop them off at the post office. Express shipments usually require signatures. Regular shipments just come through the post office and don’t require any signature in my experience. That macaron is quite cute! Shame it has such little scent :<

      I wish I had a witty Dr. Seuss rebuttal but all I have are these eggs and ham green with disease.


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