Lip Monthly – October 2014 Review

Lip Monthly is one of those subscriptions that you just keep giving chances to, because it seems like it’s trying to do better but it keeps giving empty promises.

lmbag2Lip Monthly
10$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Mid-Month via USPS

This subscription and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship. I am obscenely bitter against this bag by default, too many bad past experiences have made this sub one of the few that have crossed that “point of no return” for me. They could send out Too Faced or 100$ gift cards to Ulta, I will never be fully behind this sub because there is something off about it every single month.

Lip Monthly is an affordable all lip product sub with one or two occasional non-lip extras. They’ve been out less than a year and have tried to improve; the makeup bags are brand new and are slightly larger than ipsy ones. They also smell like they’ve been locked in a damp cave for the last thirty years, the plastic-y mold smell is not pleasant but it does dissipate after awhile. I do, however, like the new design much better than their older blue bags. I don’t much care for Lip Monthly being branded on the bottom of it but can’t win them all.

lmcard lmcard2Each bag comes with an info card. Apparently they hired a designer or learned how to change fonts in photoshop, hence the onslaught of italic fancy font. This is also the first card that’s front and back. The card describes the product, and how you can share your bag/recruit poor souls to sign up for the subscription to earn points. Personally I’ve never had any positive experience with their points system when it comes to earning free bags and I can’t say I know anyone that ever did.

lmeyelinerLA Girl Eyeliner – Metallic Blue – 3$
This is a current item and the non-lip extra this month. The info card states that it’s the perfect color for Fall when paired with the nude lipstick (below) but I just… what are you on that metallic blue is complimentary with a nude lip AND Fall appropriate? No. Just no. Get help. Take a class in color theory immediately.

lmdevinedeVine Lip Shimmer – Pinot Noir – 4$
This is an all natural lip balm made with red wine antioxidants, and it smells like grapes. There is very little color, in fact I’d go on to say that if you were expecting to use this in place of a plum colored lipstick, you’re going to be disappointed. It took about 10 coats to even get a mild tinge of color. It’s very hydrating and feels quite nice on the lips though, and smells like fresh pressed grapes, though it is reminiscent of dimetapp on occasion. I have to wonder why it’s called a Lip Shimmer as well, since it has no shimmer to it, either in the formula or application. I do like this item overall but I don’t know that I’d reach for it on a constant basis.

lmlipsugarStarlooks Lip Sugar – 2$
This was completely dried out when I got it, and the label makes it appear quite old since it’s very worn. It smells like honey and brown sugar, shame it’s pretty much useless in its current state. The sample is so tiny that it’s one use as well. Starlooks has its own subscription box of its own products but I’ve heard mixed things about them; I’m not subscribed personally so I couldn’t attest to whether or not their products are any good. That’s made especially true since I can’t use this scrub, either.

lmnoyaNoyah Cherry Lip Balm – 4$
This is another all natural product (seems like every box is sending out a lip balm lately), and the brand is well known. You could get one of four different flavors in your bag and I’m glad I got the cherry – but it has very little scent. The site says that you’ll want to “constantly lick your lips” and since it’s all natural they encourage it, but honestly the scent simply doesn’t exist in a high enough context. It’s a fine balm on its own, I’d equate it to the deVine balm above, they’re both very hydrating but with no color payoff. The deVine has a much stronger scent too.

lmjcatJ.Cat Fantabulous Lipstick – Honeycrisp – 3$
I’d call this “pure skin colored” lipstick. It’s a creamy matte lipstick that leans a little on the patchy side. Nude lipsticks tend to make me look sickly so I won’t be using this item. I like the J.Cat brand in general though, I’ve gotten several items from them thanks to subscription boxes. I’d like this infinitely more if it were a different shade.

lmall2So this box was slightly more successful than past boxes for me. I like three out of five items, both balms, and the eyeliner were “suitable” while the J.Cat is in the “If I ever want to fool someone into thinking I’m ill I’ll reach for this category,” and the lip sugar is in the “damn unusable” category. There wasn’t any particular standout in this box/bag this month, though I do think it’s an improvement over last month. This box had a value of around 15$ which is a bit lower than their other bags, but honestly if they keep improving the curation of their bags they can break even and I’d be fine with that.

If interested, Lip Monthly is 10$ per month. They also ship to Canada for a few dollars more.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own.


10 thoughts on “Lip Monthly – October 2014 Review

  1. I love the deVine Lip Shimmers – maybe Pinot Noir is the wrong color for you. Try Merlot. They are subtle and sheer, and very shimmery – not sparkly!


  2. I love your description of the bag’s smell. It made me crack up! God, the smell is awful, I soaked it in soapy water and febreezed it and it still smells kinda funky. I cancelled. The bag is cute (but stinky) and the products were not great. I did the $5 trial deal so not a big loss. I just had higher hopes for this. I love lip products, maybe it will get better, they seem to be trying.


    • I’ve gotten used to the odor thankfully, I don’t catch it unless I am directly sniffing the bag at close range (wow that sounds odd). This bag is quickly becoming a lost cause, especially where value is concerned. After 6 months, there’s only one item I still actively use from LM. Ugh. 😦


  3. I’m just surprised that J.Cat Beauty would make that icky shade. 😛 To me it seems like Lip Monthly sends out everyone else’s reject products. Sorry I just had an awful experience with them and am so glad I am not subscribed to them anymore. I hope your bags get better for you but I don’t know lol.


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